Old School RuneScape: Newbie Player Guide

Old School RuneScape has an impressively large player population, especially considering it was first released in the early years of the new millennium, and new players continue to sign up on a regular basis. Recent statistics show that there are now 700,000 active users of the game. Since the release of OSRS Mobile, this number has increased even more, despite the fact that it is now being maintained on a separate platform.

Because of the influx of new players, many of you may be unfamiliar with Old School RuneScape and unsure of how to get started playing the game. In this guide for new players to OSRS, we’ll go through the fundamentals of generating money, improving your skills, wasting time, purchasing memberships, and more!

However, before we dive further into this beginner’s guide, I want to remind you that when you buy OSRS accounts, you can optimize your game; many companies offer them with excellent levels, great quality, and up to 30 days of insurance. So now, without further ado, let’s get started. 

How Do We Start?

It is strongly suggested that you begin by completing the basic missions. The questing system in RuneScape is an excellent method for becoming used to the setting of the game, the behavior of non-player characters (NPCs), and the feeling of freedom that comes with navigating the open world. There are some tasks that must be finished in order to advance throughout the game, while others must be finished in order to participate in particular activities, such as fighting in the Nightmare Zone as well as taking on a monster.

It’s quite probable that you’ll come into a number of situations in which you need gold to purchase an item when you’re out exploring or leveling up your skills. To begin producing significant sums of money, the first step for the vast majority of individuals is to become skilled. That refers to the process of leveling up certain talents that enable individuals to produce more money. For this, Woodcutting, Mining, Slaying, and Thieving are the most important abilities to have.

Woodcutting is the one that requires the least amount of preparation to begin since all you have to do is chop down trees, store your logs, and then sell those on the Grand Exchange. This strategy, like other ways of skilling, has the drawback of requiring a significant investment of time before yielding significant financial benefits. It is recommended that you kill creatures, such as cows, and collect the stuff that they drop, such as cowhides, if you are seeking some money as quickly as possible.

There is a chance that completing quests can provide you with a few gold coins, yet this is a far more time-consuming option. However, if you aren’t looking to amass a fortune, it may be a lot of fun to do quests and receive prizes!

Should You Become a Member?

Free-to-Play (FtP) and Memberships are the two different types of access that users have to play OSRS. As you may have guessed, membership is not free; the cost is around $12 for a period of four weeks. Playing for free as long as you can before you start becoming interested in the stuff that is exclusively available to paying members is something that I always advocate doing.

OSRS is an excellent massively multiplayer online role-playing game for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the abundance of content available to FtP players. To gain an experience with the game as well as make use of the material that is available for free-to-play is a good investment of both your time and money. After that, treat yourself to a premium subscription. If you don’t change this, you’ll spend the majority of your low-level gameplay doing stuff that you might have done for no cost at all.

When you finally take the plunge and become a member, you immediately have access to an expansive range of opportunities. More than two-thirds of the game’s content, including new skilling zones, minigames, missions, and monsters, is locked behind settings that are only accessible to paying members. The vast majority of this material may be enjoyed to its fullest potential later in the game if you have gained the experience and capabilities necessary to access it. As a beginner player, the most important things for you to concentrate on are increasing your skill level and completing tasks.

In addition, there is no financial investment required on your part to become a member. On the Grand Exchange, bonds may be traded for OSRS currency. You can ultimately have enough money to purchase a bond and earn a membership if you keep working at the money-making ways that are available for free-to-play gamers. Buying it with actual cash will bring it to you far more quickly, but at least people who don’t have that option still have a shot at acquiring it.

Focus On Your Skills

OSRS is known for being a game that requires a lot of grinding, which means that in order to level up your skills, you will need to spend a significant amount of time doing jobs that are similar to one another. That can only imply one thing: this game boasts the most impressive development of skills available anywhere.

For beginner players, it is best to choose a few skills that will help you make money and your primary combat attributes and then spend your time honing those skills. There is no immediate need to “go all-in” on improving one’s talents.

I would suggest devoting your early game time to questing and focusing your skill-leveling efforts only on improving your ability to quest. As soon as you have an understanding of both the game and your personal objectives, you will be ready to plunge headlong into the acquisition of the talents of your choosing.

Gielinor is your ocean, and the process of creating a character is simply the first step in your adventure around the world. We really hope that our OSRS Beginners Guide was of some use to you. Have fun when you’re competing in the game; that’s the most essential thing!

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