World of Warcraft – Basics for Beginners

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World of Warcraft is one of the most popular and sought after MMO RPGs around the world.

Newcomers will find a huge number of mechanics, skills, characteristics and content that need to be mastered in order to succeed in the world of Azeroth.

Where to begin

  • Pumping
  • Race
  • Class
  • Pharm


Pumping plays a key role in WoW, both as a goal and as a means during which significant reserves of gold and resources will be collected for a comfortable game.

You have to level up your character to level 60 to get the opportunity to go to the new Dragon Islands, and 70 to reach the current leveling limit for the current update.

You can choose several ways to pump:

Complete story and additional quests to gain experience.

Go to raids and get experience from strong bosses, which will be divided among all participants in the raid.

Order boosting in World of Warcraft from the Skycoach service so that professional players can upgrade your character to a maximum level of 70.



Choosing a race is not difficult – in WoW there has long been no mandatory option to select a specific race to gain a game advantage. More precisely, there is a possibility, but it is not so big as to select a race and a class for a piece of game content. World of Warcraft makes it possible to create an absolutely versatile character, relying solely on an attractive appearance.

Do not forget about the new race – Draktir. A mixture of humans and dragons with the ability to shapeshift, move quickly, and attack fire magic targets.


To choose a comfortable game class, you need to adhere to two principles – the style of play and the preferred attribute.


  • Strength – Tanks, Warriors.
  • Agility – Archers, Beastmasters, Daggers.
  • Intelligence – Mages, healers.

Fans of melee contact will like the tank, warriors, dagger. Classes that can deal heavy damage and attack at close range.

For those who want to quickly and efficiently farm monsters and deal damage from long distances, a mage or archer is suitable.

Fans of playing on auxiliary classes should consider tanks and healers – characters that no group can do without in massive PVP and difficult raids.



In addition to pumping, you need to find and accumulate various resources in addition to gold in order to develop your character and be able to economically interact with other players, sell and buy important resources to provide yourself with gold and useful equipment and weapons.

You can farm gold by killing monsters. Ideally, if you choose a class that can group monsters and destroy them with massive attacks, greatly increasing the time and efficiency of farming.

The second way to get a lot of gold is to choose two professions related to mining, and not the creation of items. This means that you will not be able to produce equipment yourself, but you will be able to mine two types of materials useful for certain professions in order to trade and earn good gold.

From mining professions, you can choose:

  • Mining engineering
  • Collection of herbs
  • Skinning
  • Tailoring materials
  • Fishing

Mining engineering

Use your pickaxe and head into the highlands to search for and mine rocks. You will receive ore and gems that you can sell to blacksmiths and jewelers.

Ore is processed into ingots and is needed to create armor, weapons and tools from metals.

Gemstones are needed for jewelry making and are in high demand due to their rarity.

Collection of herbs

Explore locations for vegetation and flowers that will be useful for alchemy and first aid in the future.

Alchemy is needed for the production of potions of various directions – attacking and defensive. Attacking potions will deal damage over time, while defensive potions will heal and apply various effects.

First aid is needed as an additional opportunity to restore health and stop bleeding and cure poisons.


Skinning is the basis for the leatherworking profession and requires a special knife that will allow you to work with the skins of slaughtered animals.

By selling skins to leather workers, you help them replenish materials that will later be used to create leather equipment and bags to carry more items in your inventory.

Tailoring materials

Magic classes especially need equipment, but Blizzard made it so that getting the basic materials for their production did not require an additional profession, but was knocked out directly from monsters.

You will drop threads and linen, which are needed for the development of tailoring and which are of value to everyone who is engaged in the crafting of magical equipment.


Fishing is a separate type of profession that does not have a separate craft slot, which means that it can be learned by all players at any time.

Fishing allows you to fish if you have a fishing rod and bait.

The catch will be of two types – ordinary fish, which is used in cooking and special. Special fish is needed for the production of reagents and is not suitable for food.

A cook, by the way, belongs to a secondary profession, like a fisherman, and is able to prepare various fish and meat dishes that will increase the performance of all characters who have consumed this food for a certain time.

The higher the skills of the cook, the stronger the effect and its total duration.



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