Most Common Types of VPNs in 2023

With businesses now working remotely and being more vulnerable to cyberattacks, many security experts state that a VPN is an absolute necessity. According to the research of 2021, in the US, 43% of respondents said they were using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when working from home, while over 20% were unsure if they were doing so. This rate is increasing day by day and VPNs are gaining popularity, especially in the business world.

Especially in this period of increasing remote working, companies need an encrypted tunnel through which all their online traffic passes. By providing secure access to your company’s network, your employees can work from anywhere, anytime, with reliable protection against data theft.

VPNs, however, can do more than just safeguard your company from data intrusions. Your business has genuine competitive advantages thanks to secure remote connectivity and worldwide server access. You should not neglect to obtain a VPN to take advantage of them for your business. Here is the importance of your business investing in VPN like cloud VPN service and its types.

Why Is VPN Necessary?

There are a number of different benefits to using a VPN. It is very important to protect the systems, websites, data, and networks used especially for business. This is where VPN comes into play.

To access prohibited websites

It allows you to access blocked websites as VPN servers can be located in different locations and send data by encrypting it. The VPN server acts as a secure transition between the internet and the employee’s computer.

To increase privacy and security

To protect all your communications and connections from prying eyes, you need to use a service like a VPN. When you are connected to an unencrypted network in a cafe, you are not affected by the vulnerabilities of the insecure network thanks to the VPN. VPN application encrypts your data traffic. This way, no one can see your company’s messages, emails, receipts, and more.

To use country-specific services

For example, it is not possible to use a website specific to the USA from Turkey under normal conditions. But with a VPN service, this becomes possible. This means that when you connect to a VPN server in a certain country, it treats your IP address as if you were from that country.

To use in mobile applications

When using a VPN, it’s perfectly normal to want it to work consistently everywhere. With a quality VPN service, you can get solutions for both desktop and mobile devices. So just be careful not to pay for two separate services.

What Is Cloud VPN?

The cloud-based virtual private network, often known as cloud VPN, is a cutting-edge network security solution that offers companies a simple approach to secure their network. Additionally, a cloud VPN for remote access makes it simple for companies to set up secure virtual offices for their personnel. Once linked, your staff may safely access on-premises and cloud resources from any location at any time while maintaining strong data security.

With a cloud-based VPN, your team can securely access your company’s intranet. They can access corporate resources remotely, whether they are local or not in the cloud. Cloud VPN allows your employees to work securely from any device connected to their home or public Wi-Fi networks.

What Is Business VPN?

Business VPN allows you to mitigate risks, facilitate remote working and protect your company against cyber threats. With a VPN business, you can provide secure remote access to working environments from anywhere and even over public Wi-Fi. You can be sure that every connection is safe, whether it’s on a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop, by using a business VPN. Business VPN also lets you add team members to your network and manage team permissions from a single unified dashboard.

Setting up a corporate VPN can be done in a matter of minutes, depending on your level of experience and resource availability. After obtaining an administrator account, all you need to do is connect to secure servers. After that, adding your staff to the control panel is the final step. It’s that easy. Protecting cloud environments and internal assets becomes a breeze by getting a next-generation business VPN.

What Is Remote Access VPN?

Remote access VPNs are the best solution when giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. Individual users are linked to particular host networks via remote access VPN. Remote workers who need to access files in the central hub use this transient connection, not a permanent one.

In a remote access environment, each host accessed must have the compatible VPN software. The VPN program encrypts all traffic that comes through the user’s computer before routing it over the internet, decrypts it once it gets there, and repeats this process continuously throughout the session. Remote access NAS (Network Access Server) or a VPN gateway is required for VPN authentication, allowing only approved connections.

What Is Site-to-Site VPN?

Additionally, this VPN tries to conceal intranets while enabling users of these networks to safely interact and access one other’s resources. Two distinct intranet files are sent using site-to-site VPNs. These materials are sent securely and confidentially. Large companies frequently utilize such VPNs. Because of their intricate structures, every user finds them to be unintelligible.

Site-to-site VPN is an encrypted connection between two networks that can resemble a number of offices connecting to a central hub to deliver hosted resources or to form a shared network in a commercial setting. Site-to-site allows for the separation of departments from outside providers by granting each department access to all hosted resources. Although there are site-to-site connection types in themselves, they can be intranet-based or extranet-based.


VPN employs a wide range of protocols and tools. The most fundamental operating premise, however, is to create an encrypted tunnel to the network that is physically located on the other side of your computer. All information is concealed by this tunnel. This is why it is never visible from the outside. Although subject-matter experts in security are aware that encrypted data is being transmitted, they are unable to decrypt these passwords.

A customized network driver that is installed by VPN technology on your computer or device gives you a different IP address than the other party. Your IP address is likewise concealed, or masked, in this manner. You can simply access any restricted websites and platforms you desire using this method.



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