Playing Games on your Smartphone: A Practical Guide

In this article, we will present you with a list of the various types of games you can play on a smartphone or tablet, and some tips for each type of game. We will also show you some interesting software and gadgets that could be great companions to your gaming sessions. And we will make some practical examples.

Since the operating systems Android and iOS represent more than 99% of the market, this article will only consider software and hardware that is designed for either of the 2 OSes. Without further ado, here is all you need to know if you like playing games on a smartphone.

Games categories

The overall gaming experience, when playing on a smartphone, strongly depends on the type of game you are playing. For example, a major difference among mobile games, which is exquisitely characteristic of smartphones and tablets, is the game screen-orientation; playing on a vertical screen, versus playing on a horizontal screen, makes great difference in terms of the actual physical action you are performing. Consider for example that in the latter case playing with one hand is rather impossible.

For all these reasons, before getting into the tips and gadgets part, we need to mention the main existing game categories existing, in order to provide relevant and applicable information.

Here are the main categories for mobile games:

  • Puzzle games
  • Arcade and RPG games
  • Shooter games
  • Sports games
  • Card games
  • Slot games and other risk games

General advice

Practical guide for smartphone gaming

Before getting into the specific situations, here is some general advice that is good for all game types. Regardless of what game you like playing, there are three factors that are always important when playing on a smartphone: gaming quality, time, cases, and addiction.

The gaming quality is more important for some games than for others (e.g., think of a shooting game vs sudoku) but it always feels nicer when you play a game in HD on a good-quality screen. So, to grant yourself the best gaming experience, you should:

  • Choose a smartphone with a good-quality screen when you purchase one.
  • Ensure that the screen brightness and resolution are optimized.
  • Choose high-quality screen-protectors if you use one.

Time is also a major factor. If you like to play long hours or if the games you play take lots of time to complete the daily quests, you will almost certainly have battery problems. To cope with it, you can:

  • Choose a smartphone with a long battery-life when you purchase one.
  • Consider purchasing a case with an integrated second battery.
  • Consider purchasing a power-bank. There are power banks that are particularly versed for gaming; for example, there are products that can be used as a phone holder or have suctions cups to stick to the back of the phone. Some models also have wireless charging, which is also convenient when you play.

As for addiction, you should always be careful, regardless of the game. Some games deprive you of your time or money if you get too involved. Always remember that gaming is supposed to be pleasant and entertaining, and when that is not the case anymore, you just stop playing, since whatever you are doing is clearly not a game anymore, as per definition.

Playing without a case makes the phone slippery and it is common to touch the screen with your palm when you do not mean to. Playing with a rugged case or a flip-case, on the other hand, makes the handling uncomfortable. The best option is to purchase a good-quality and solid case, with good grip, and that is not too big. Some phone cases have an integrated ring to help you hold your phone, which is very convenient when you play and looks probably better than applying a glued ring to your existing case.

Puzzle games

For puzzle games, most of the useful advice we can give you is the general advice from above. One extra thing you should consider here is that there are plenty of blogs online for the most popular games where you can find help if you are stuck in a level.

Arcade and RPG games, Shooter games and Sports games

All these games can be grouped together since you almost always play in horizontal mode and need to press buttons quickly. Here are 3 key-points of advice:

  • Consider buying a Bluetooth gamepad, some models come with a phone-holder.
  • Check for the availability for game-companion apps. There are apps that help you with various game features that are available for many popular titles, for example Poke Genie for Pokémon Go.
  • In many games it is fundamental to find a good clan (or guild, club etc.); don’t play on your own, join a clan to grow quickly.

Card games

There are games for every existent type of card-game. Some apps will let you even play, for real, popular games like Poker, Blackjack and Baccarat.

That specific market has massively evolved in recent years and now you can find live-dealer versions and live video-versions of these games, where you can interact more directly with the other players. There are many available providers and apps.

Some apps will let you play with free tokens, while with others you can link your account and play for real. Some will let you do both things, in order for you to practice in free mode until you feel confident.

Slot games and other risk games

Slot games and other risk games are also a very popular choice. There are hundreds of apps featuring these games. Some apps offer a single game while others present a compilation of different games. There are apps to play for free or buy in-app features, and apps where you can make a deposit and use actual credit for the in-app games. The most popular games are slots, craps, bingo, scratch cards and many more. A players’ favorite is always sports and there are dozens of apps that let you operate with your credit on your favorite sport events.

Our advice for both card games and risk-games is to choose a game or sport you particularly like and focus on that one. Also, it’s always convenient to consult the numerous online guides on the topic and, for sports, the advice the experts provide on the single events.

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