Tier List The Division 2 – April 2023 (Complete List)

Wars are not an adventure full of adrenaline, fun and competitiveness as we see it in video games. But, if they share something with their simulation, it is in the need to be well prepared to excel . That is why today we bring you the tier list The Division 2 .

In it we will not talk about the weapons or the equipment you need, for this we recommend you review the builds of The Division 2 . Here we will tell you which are the strongest skills in the entire game.

The tier list The Division 2

Level A

At this level you will find the most powerful, complete and competent skills in the entire game; however, they are also the most difficult to fully master.

  • Turret.
  • Drone.
  • Hive.
  • Chem Launcher.

Level B

Here we will see the skills that we could consider as the average of all. They are good in most game situations. But they are not up to the standards that we already present to you.

  • Seeker Mine.
  • Firefly.
  • Shield.

Level C

Support skills are at this level since they lack, almost completely, any damage value or the like.

  • Pulse.

The Division 2

What does the tier list of The Division 2 bring us?

In order to provide you with as much information as possible. In this segment of our guide we will describe, in broad strokes, the qualities that make each skill have the value that we show you.


  • It is the strongest ability in The Division 2.
  • He has insane amounts of HP.
  • Allows you to tank a large amount of hits while dealing solid damage and suppressing hits.
  • Can be used as a distraction so the Elites have to walk up to it and destroy.
  • This ability works very well in all aspects of the game:
  • Solo or party game.
  • Early game.
  • Midgame and even endgame.

Derived skills

  • Assault.
  • Incinerator.
  • Sniper .


  • Useful for tracking agents and has multiple uses.
  • Useful as a support skill.
  • Provide your team with cures or bullet-blocking mechanisms.
  • It is a very strong ability if you are playing solo.

Derived skills

  • Striker.
  • Defender.
  • Bombardier.
  • Fixer .


  • It is one of the most powerful solo game skills in the game.
  • Both the Restorer and Reviver variants of the spell are really strong.

Derived skills

  • Restorer.
  • Stinger.
  • Reviver.
  • Booster .

Chem Launcher

  • It is eminent in both defensive and offensive scenarios.
  • You will be able to repair both your own armor and that of your allies.
  • For offensive strategies, the oxidizing variant is a strong alternative because you can shoot a group of enemies to quickly lower their armor and HP.

Derived skills

  • Reinforcer.
  • Firestarter.
  • Riot Foam.
  • Oxidizer .

Seeker Mine

  • They provide a nice clear speed boost if you know how to use them efficiently.

Derived skills

  • Explosive.
  • Airburst.
  • Cluster .


  • Depending on the case, it may be useful to use these skills such as:
  • Demolisher: it is quite strong since it targets the weak points of the enemy.
  • Blinder is useful in front of bosses.

Derived skills

  • Blinder.
  • Burster.
  • Demolisher .


  • There aren’t many encounters where you can use it efficiently.
  • In age buildsWith strong side weapons these abilities have the potential to shine.

Derived skills

  • Bulwark.
  • Crusader.
  • Deflector .


  • This ability is of little use.
  • Can be used in PvP if necessary.

Derived skills

  • Scanner.
  • Remote.
  • Jammer.

Is there a final tip on the The Division 2 tier list?

The truth is that there is not much more to add than what we have already seen. It is only worth remembering that this is a rating based on the experience and opinion of hundreds of players, including us.

So this tier list The Division 2 could vary according to your preferences. After all, it is only a guide to know a little about the capabilities of each skill within the game. At the end of the day, the difference between victory and defeat lies in your skills as well as your instincts.

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