Blood Moon Tycoon Codes – Complete List (May 2021)

For lovers of apocalyptic storylines, Roblox brings its own version. This is Blood Moon Tycoon with its particular survival style in the face of a zombie invasion that despite sounding a bit unusual, will keep you glued to the game. That is why in HDGamers we bring you all the Blood Moon Tycoon codes to help you.

Valid and active Blood Moon Tycoon codes

If you are already familiar with the dynamics of Roblox , the blood moon tycoon codes you may see as a little more of the same. In this sense, you can get an idea that they will only bring you the coins for the trade. But, you can also exchange them for event items and much more. There really is no reason not to appreciate them.

Below, we present you all the codes in force in the game.

  • Corrupted: You exchange it for 1000 Gammas.
  • superspace: You redeem it for $ 50,000 in-game cash.
  • ufopro: You exchange it for 400 sapphires.
  • papazerngar: You exchange it for 400 sapphires.
  • muchlazer: You exchange it for 300 sapphires.

Blood Moon Tycoon Codes expired

Unfortunately for all Roblox fans, the following codes have stopped working.

  • happyholidays
  • newyearnewme
  • blastingoff
  • skyhigh

How to redeem Blood Moon Tycoon codes

To redeem all codes , just click on the “codes” button located at the bottom right of the screen. This will open a dialog window where you can enter the code you want.

Next, we present you a short video that better illustrates all the steps we have previously described.

Now that you know everything about the blood moon tycoon codes , you just have to join the game and become part of the immense family of Roblox and its universe in constant growth and evolution.

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