Bloxorz Codes and Levels – Complete List

Bloxorz is a well-known Flash/HTML5 game in which you roll a block to pass through a gap to progress to the next stage. Unfortunately, players cannot save their progress in this game, so many have to start over every time they open it. 

There are, however, passcodes that allow you to speed through specific levels! Now let’s look at Bloxorz codes and levels and their cheat codes. You’ll get all the codes and walkthroughs you need to pass every level. 

Cheat codes and Walkthroughs

First, let’s look at what cheat codes and walkthroughs do.


Start the game > Load Stage > insert the desired level or stage’s code. You can attempt the hardest levels immediately by using the codes.


Get advice (or instructions) to complete your level or stage by finding the walkthrough for that level. If you need a bit of help, the walkthroughs can be of assistance.

All Bloxorz Stage Codes

Open the game and wait for the main menu to load before entering the codes to advance to the next level. Press the Load Stage button and enter the code exactly as listed in the list below. Once you complete typing the six-digit number, the game will display Passcode Correct and load the stage.

Bloxorz Codes and Levels

You can load any level you want with the Bloxorz cheat codes below.

  • 1st Stage–Level 01–code: 780464
  • 2nd Stage–Level 02–code: 290299
  • 3rd Stage–Level 03–code: 918660
  • 4th Stage–Level 04–code: 520967
  • 5th Stage–Level 05–code: 028431
  • 6th Stage–Level 06–code: 524383
  • 7th Stage–Level 07–code: 189493
  • 8th Stage–Level 08–code: 499707
  • 9th Stage–Level 09–code: 074355
  • 10th Stage–Level 10–code: 300590
  • 11th Stage–Level 11–code: 291709
  • 12th Stage–Level 12–code: 958640
  • 13th Stage–Level 13–code: 448106
  • 14th Stage–Level 14–code: 210362
  • 15th Stage–Level 15–code: 098598
  • 16th Stage–Level 16–code: 000241
  • 17th Stage–Level 17–code: 683596
  • 18th Stage–Level 18–code: 284933
  • 19th Stage–Level 19–code: 119785
  • 20th Stage–Level 20–code: 543019
  • 21st Stage–Level 21–code: 728724
  • 22nd Stage–Level 22–code: 987319
  • 23rd Stage–Level 23–code: 293486
  • 24th Stage–Level 24–code: 088198
  • 25th Stage–Level 25–code: 250453
  • 26th Stage–Level 26–code: 426329
  • 27th Stage–Level 27–code: 660141
  • 28th Stage–Level 28–code: 769721
  • 29th Stage–Level 29–code: 691859
  • 30th Stage–Level 30–code: 280351
  • 31st Stage–Level 31–code: 138620
  • 32nd Stage–Level 32–code: 879021
  • 33rd Stage–Level 33–code: 614955 (End)

Bloxorz Codes Level: Walkthroughs

You can check out the walkthroughs if you want to avoid cheat codes but still need assistance. Watch the video guide to find the level or stage where you’re stuck and get the guidance you need.

Hopefully, this post helps you find all the Bloxorz cheat codes and how to use them to reach the next level.

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