Bypassed Songs Roblox Id Code List

There are a few restrictions on how gamers can use the numerous ID numbers provided by Roblox to groove out to their favorite music. One of these restrictions relates to volume, specifically high volume; any ID that contains an uncomfortably loud music file is immediately and unquestionably deleted from Roblox. Bypassed IDs are useful in this situation.

Due to the method in which they were made and uploaded to the site, bypassed IDs are audio files that can elude Roblox’s detection for prolonged periods of time. Simply said, Roblox ignores these IDs since, based on a look at the wavelengths of the file, they don’t seem to be loud. Although these IDs can still be detected, they are frequently erased, so take advantage of them while you can!

What are Song ID Codes?

While experimenting with various Roblox experiences, song IDs provide users the chance to listen to some of their favorite tunes.

Bypassed Audio Files and Their Roblox IDs

  • Anime Music – 803592504
  • Troll Song – 314311828
  • Pumped Up Kicks (Minecraft Parody) – 741123795
  • EDM Bass Boosted – 889397884
  • Slob on my Knob (Beat) – 3966799339
  • Ziptie – 4557013422
  • The Hamster Dance Song – 4556588648
  • John Dee by GHOSTMANE – 4784626001
  • Best Friend by essenceisdead – 4571485882
  • I think it would be a really bad idea to fall in love with you – 4567017168
  • Wings by Shoreline Mafia – 5402503731
  • TSAY by Peso Da Mafia – 4608383688
  • Let’s Bring the House Down – 5101586589
  • Loud Beat – 5599430581
  • Bright Yellow Laser Beams – 4607916837

How to use a song id?

  1. You need a Boombox item to play music ID codes in any Roblox game:
  2. Buy a boombox item, such as the Beat Up Super Jank Boombox.
  3. Go there and equip the Boombox item that is in your inventory.
  4. Enter a virtual space where a boombox is available for use.
  5. On your Roblox avatar, click the Boombox.
  6. Type the music ID of your choice.
  7. Play the video.

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