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A renowned anime, perhaps one of the best, called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure served as the inspiration for the Roblox game Stand Upright Rebooted. JJBA is a M+ anime that is only suitable for viewers older than 13. There are numerous violent moments in this anime.

Rebooted Stand Upright Wiki & Trello: I StudioMan is the publisher of the game on Roblox. Many of the skills in this game are ones you may have seen in anime. Fighting is also a part of it, and you can use the anime’s highlighted powers. There are also some non-canon or even evolved stands, as well as some custom stands.

Trello Link & Wiki – Stand Upright Rebooted

Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello: Controls

  • M – Stand Stats Menu
  • Q – Summon Stand (Only if you already have a position will it work)
  • P – Pose
  • LMB – Punch
  • RMB (Multiple times, presumably twice) – Power Punch
  • Ctrl – Run
  • Alt/4 – Leap/Dash (Only works if you already have a stand)
  • G – Block
  • L – Menus

Stand Upright Rebooted Wiki & Trello: Stands Guide

Players can use the arrows that spawn on the map to get a stand.

Charged Arrows: Increases the likelihood of getting Dio’s TW and rarer stands. Liars can also provide spawns, which have a 10% chance of appearing every minute.

Stand Arrows: All throughout the map, Stand Arrows spawn once every minute. You might also purchase it from William and Willy. It’s also available from lairs as a prize. For information about Stand Arrow chances, scroll down below.

Fruit Rokakaka

For the existing or secondary stand to be removed, you will require Rokakaka Fruit. Every one minute and twenty seconds, it spawns on the map. Or purchase it from liars Willy and Williams (As a reward).

Rock Mask

Utilize the Stone Mask item to acquire secondary vampire. 33% probability, 13 minutes of spawn time. Level 25+ is necessary.

Mask Kars

Ulf Spec can be acquired using the Kars Mask item. 1/6 spawning probability every 60 minutes. level 45+ is necessary.

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