East Brickton Commands and Codes – January 2022 (Complete List)

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East Brickton Commands

The East Brickton Chat Commands are essential information if you want to make the most of your hours invested in this Roblox simulator. That is why we have created this Database, so that you can find all the information you are looking for and thus enjoy this fun video game to the fullest.

East Brickton Chat Commands – Updated January 2022

Command Description
/contactlist Open contact list
/call [contact] Call contact
/sms [contact] Text contact
/givecontact [name] Give number to contact
/call[911] Call emergency services
/s Shouts
/wi Whispers
/pm Text Message
/report Report player
/despawncar Wipe car from world
/id [charname] Get other player’s ID

Dance Commands

Command Description
/e hdf Dance in place
/e hitdemfolks Dance #2
/e sit Sit on floor
/e woo Dance
/e surrender Surrender on the floor
/e hands Place your hands up
/e shoot Jump on one foot with one hand in the air
/e 2shoot
Jump on opposite foot with one hand in the air
/e dab Do the dab
/e turnup Get hype
/e moneybop Dance low to the floor
/e yes Shake your head yes
/e no Shake your head no

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