Endless Space 2: Cheat codes and how to enable debug mode

For science fiction lovers HD Gamers brings you the guide of Endless Space 2 codes with which you can, first of all, enter the debug mode and thus be able to maximize your fleet, get more resources and, in short, be the god of the galaxy.

How to enable Endless Space 2 console commands

First, you should write -enablemoddingtools in the game launch options on Steam. To access it you just have to right click on the game in the library, properties, general tab. With this, we will have access to the debugging functions.

Endless Space 2 console commands

Command Result
Shift + F2 Gives you many resources
Shift + F3 Reveals the map
Pressing G key  God Cursor is activated
Shift + F1 Opens a debug menu

With God Cursor, by clicking on the resources, boats, indicators among others, we can increase the values of each one. To do this, click on one of the elements and press Control, Shift or Alt to increase or decrease the values of each one.

With this guide of Endless Space 2 console commands  there is no doubt that you will be able to reach the maximum level in a very short time in Endless Space 2.



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