Pathfinder Kingmaker: Guide to complete Quest Green Stone

In the vast universe of role-playing games (RPG), Pathfinder: Kingmaker teleports us to the fantasy world of Golarion , a kingdom where you can conquer part of their lands and rule them as you like. But to achieve this, you must pass some missions. That is why Let’s talk about Gamers brings you the green stone guide , with which you will overcome this complicated mission quickly and without complications.

What do I need?

Initially, The jeweler Mim will pay you a visit and ask for an emerald . Maybe you have come across the idea of ??buying some green c quartz. But this is not the solution since the last patch (v 1.1.5) does not work with this mission.

What do I do now?

Don’t be afraid of the kingdom of Golarion . Here in Let’s talk about Gamers we bring you the solution. To complete this mission you just have to travel to the town you build in the silver region. Once there, go to the store and you will find the emerald that asks Mim.

Here we leave you a small video of how to do this mission

As you can see in this green stone guide , it is not such a complicated mission and it already has a solution. So to enjoy becoming the king of Golarion.

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