Final Fantasy IV Cheats and Secrets for PC, Nintendo DS, and Mobile

Promotional artwork for Final Fantasy IV showcasing key characters in a stylized row: a Dragoon, a Paladin, a White Mage, a Black Mage, a Summoner, and the iconic yellow Chocobo, representing the game's fantasy elements for a cheat codes post.

Launched in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy IV represents a 3D reimagining of the classic 1991 Super Famicom title. Diverging from the simpler Western version known as Final Fantasy II, this DS remake faithfully mirrors the original’s challenging gameplay. Developed by Matrix, the same studio behind the Final Fantasy III 3D remake for DS, this iteration of Final Fantasy IV remained a DS exclusive for several years before being ported to mobile devices and PC.

Critically acclaimed like its predecessor, Final Fantasy IV on DS is lauded for preserving the essence of the original while introducing significant enhancements. These include a more thorough translation, deeper character development, and new FMV cutscenes enriching the narrative. A novel feature in the DS remake is the New Game + mode, allowing players to restart with all experience and items from a completed save file.

Coinciding with the franchise’s 20th anniversary, Final Fantasy IV achieved impressive sales, moving nearly 700k units in Japan and about 500k in the West, totaling over 1.1 million copies. It also boasts a solid 85% review aggregate score.

Final Fantasy IV Premise

The DS 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV upholds the original game’s core gameplay and storyline. Players guide Cecil, the Dark Knight of Baron, as he grapples with the King’s aggressive pursuit of the world’s crystals. Alongside key figures like his best friend Kain, lover Rosa, and an unforgettable supporting cast, Cecil’s journey of loss, redemption, and triumph spans diverse locales, including underground realms and even the moon. This setup builds on the multi-map approach of Final Fantasy III.

The DS version introduces the “Augment System,” letting players assign unique character abilities to other party members. This system is critical for enhancing non-permanent members who, in turn, provide new abilities upon their departure.

In a series first, Final Fantasy IV allows control of up to five heroes simultaneously, each with distinct classes and predetermined abilities, diverging from the flexible magic and job systems of other entries.

Final Fantasy IV Main Characters

Final Fantasy IV’s rich narrative is supported by a memorable cast. Key characters include:

Cecil: The troubled main character and Dark Knight of Baron, seeking redemption.
Kain: Cecil’s best friend and skilled commander of the Dragoons, manipulated by the antagonist Golbez.
Rosa: Cecil’s lover and a talented White Mage, unable to soothe his tormented soul.
Cid: Baron’s chief engineer and airship designer, acting as a mentor to Cecil and Rosa.
Rydia: The last summoner, capable of calling powerful Eidolons, who matures rapidly after an encounter with Cecil.
bez: The primary antagonist, orchestrating the collection of the world’s crystals for a sinister purpose.

Games in the Final Fantasy Series

The release of Final Fantasy IV for the DS marked a celebratory milestone for the series’ 20-year legacy. Since its inception in 1987, Final Fantasy has stood as a pillar of the JRPG genre, with several entries being hailed as some of the greatest RPGs ever. The series encompasses over 50 titles, including main entries, remakes, and spin-offs. The mainline games in the Final Fantasy series are:

Final Fantasy (1987)
Final Fantasy II (1988)
Final Fantasy III (1990)
Final Fantasy IV (1991)
Final Fantasy V (1992)
Final Fantasy VI (1994)
Final Fantasy VII (1997)
Final Fantasy VIII (1999)
Final Fantasy IX (2000)
Final Fantasy X (2001)
Final Fantasy XI (2002)
Final Fantasy XII (2006)
Final Fantasy III (DS) (2006)
Final Fantasy IV (DS) (2007)
Final Fantasy XIII (2009)
Final Fantasy XIV (2013)
Final Fantasy XV (2016)
Final Fantasy VII Remake (2020)
Final Fantasy XVI (2023)
Final Fantasy IV Cheats and Secrets

While the DS version of Final Fantasy IV eliminates many of the glitches and exploits found in earlier versions (such as item duplication or experience glitches), it still contains unique DS-exclusive secrets and unlocks. Additionally, players can utilize a variety of Action Replay codes for enhanced gameplay experiences.

What’s Unlockable Costumes/Skins:

Costume/Skin Unlock Criteria
Dragoon Score 9999 in Rosa’s Mini-Game
Goblin Complete the Main Story twice
Ninja Score 9999 in Edge’s Mini-Game
Paladin Score 9999 in Cecil’s Mini-Game
Summoner/Black Mage Score 9999 in Rydia’s Mini-Game
White Mage Score 9999 in Rosa’s Mini-Game
Zeromus Obtain 100% Completion on the Bestiary

Pro Action Replay Codes:

Effect Code
Max Gil A20DA09C 00000000

020D8468 05F5E0FF

D2000000 00000000

Infinite HP 921271D4 00001104

021271DC E590C004

021271E0 E580C000

021271E8 E581C324

D2000000 00000000

Infinite MP 92122E62 0000C3A0

02122E64 E5940004

02123D70 E5950004

Infinite Item Usage 920EA6BA 0000E1A0

020EA6C8 E2400000

9207E3E0 000080F8

0207E3F0 00000000

D2000000 00000000

Max Stats for All Party Members (Press L+R) D4000130 06400300

420D62FA 100D00E0

00006363 00000000

420D62FC 100D00E0

00006363 00000000

420D62FE 200D01C0

00000063 00000000

Save Anywhere 220D04AD 00000000
Disable Random Battles 92118032 0000DC01

12118032 00002037

D2000000 00000000

250 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05F3F
500 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05F7D
1,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05FFA
2,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05E7D
4,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05EFA
8,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05D7D
16,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05DFA
32,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05C7D
50,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05CC3
100,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05906
200,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05A36
500,000 Exp After Battle 0206B9B8 E3A05A7A
Max Level After Battle 0206B9FC E5842000
Item Modifier Code (replaces 1st inventory slot with item of your choosing using item codes below) Press L+R to place item in inventory 94000130 FDFF0000

020D7A80 000pxxxx

p = number of items

xxxx = item code (below)

Item Codes for Item Modifier Cheat

Item Code
Adamant Armor 2023
Artemis Arrow 1BC8
Artemis Bow 1B5F
Cat Claws 1906
Crystal Gloves 207E
Crystal Helm 1FB7
Crystal Ring 2080
Crystal Shield 1F4C
Dark Blade 1771
Deathbringer 1773
Demon Armor 2014
Demon Gloves 2074
Demon Helm 1FAF
Demon Shield 1F43
Dragon Shield 1F4B
Dragon Whisker 1C25
Glass Mask 1FB8
Gold Apple 13A2
Hades Armor 2012
Holy Lance 17DC
Masamune 1A32
Onion Armor 2024
Onion Helmet 1FB9
Onion Shield 1F4D
Onion Sword 1784
Ragnarok 1777
Rainbow Pudding 1447
Ribbon 1FB4
Rod 1A91
Rune Staff 1AFB
Soma Drop 13A4
Spear 17D5
Staff 1AF5
Stardust Rod 1A98
Tent 139C

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The Review

Final Fantasy IV


  • Engaging Storyline: "Final Fantasy IV" is renowned for its rich and engaging story, which was groundbreaking for its time, featuring complex characters and dramatic plot twists.
  • Character Development: The game introduces a character-driven narrative, with each member of the cast having distinct backgrounds, motivations, and character arcs that contribute to the story.
  • Active Time Battle System: It was one of the first games to introduce the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, adding a dynamic layer to combat by incorporating real-time elements.
  • Memorable Music: The score, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, is considered one of the best video game soundtracks, with themes that have become iconic within the series.
  • Innovative Gameplay Mechanics: "Final Fantasy IV" introduced gameplay elements that became staples in the series, such as summoning powerful creatures and a deep magic system.


  • Dated Graphics: By today's standards, the graphics are dated, which might be off-putting to players used to modern visuals.
  • Random Encounter Rate: Some players may find the random encounter rate high, leading to frequent interruptions during exploration and travel.
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