Fortnite Roleplay Map Codes – Best Creative Maps

One of the most popular types of custom content is Fortnite roleplaying games. Fortnite roleplaying games offer players a variety of options. But they often concentrate on a unique theme that immerses them in a new taste. Players participating in a multiplayer game with custom maps will likely have a wide range of custom theme experiences.

Therefore, many Fortnite gamers want to play this informal but exciting game mode, so they search for the finest maps. We have compiled a list of the top Roleplay map codes. Have a look!

Fortnite Roleplay Map Codes- Best Creative Maps

These are the top roleplaying games, as our research. Follow the link or the code to visit the Epic Games page for the game that fascinates your taste.

  • Haunted Mansion Tycoon – Map Code: 9129-6617-4803
  • Sunny Valley RP – Map Code: 1700-7049-6616
  • Prison RP – Map Code: 9125-4798-3592
  • Halloween Theme Park Beta – Map Code: 3039-9847-4802
  • Cozyboi’s Roleplay – Map Code: 3202-3130-1506
  • Just to Talk – Map Code: 1874-0245-7779
  • Scare! The 13th Part II – Map Code: 9651-4257-2527
  • Map RP dubai City – Map Code: 3026-4466-3429
  • Map RP Ete – Map Code: 6042-7725-9561
  • Star Mall RP – Map Code: 3806-9079-0505
  • RP Fortnite Creatif – Map Code: 9568-9501-7779
  • The Agency RP – Map Code: 0332-8237-3301
  • Small Town – Map Code: 9740-9304-7643
  • Mad Sneaky Land Roleplay – Map Code: 9466-1632-0068
  • Woodland House roleplaying – Map Code: 9773-0917-1739
  • BrookStreet – Map Code: 4629-6478-0093
  • Primal Hunting V5.0 Beta – Map Code: 6905-6310-2193
  • Anime Life Loadout Legends – Map Code: 0458-0907-5913
  • Hero’s Last Stand – Map Code: Match Making Hub – Map Code:4909-4126-7307
  • Village Open World – Map Code: 3739-2245-1273
  • Map RP Avec different Metiers – Map Code: 3353-1460-9905
  • Kingdom Beta – Map Code: 9233-2643-4249
  • High School Roleplay – Map Code: 6351-9562-0264
  • Creepy Park – Map Code: 4350-5340-9940
  • Loki TVA Roleplay Exploration – Map Code: 3009-3744-3171
  • Lost Lodge – Map Code: 5717-5217-5108
  • RP deathrun Rainbow Town – Map Code: 0587-7100-4459

How To Apply Fortnite Roleplay Codes

To play these maps in Fortnite, you must input the codes on the Discovery Tab.

  • Press the Game Mode button in the Fortnite Lobby on the screen’s right side.
  • Click the game mode menu and select the Island Code option at the top.
  • In the text field, type or paste the above code.
  • Press Enter to confirm your choice of map
  • When back in the lobby, click Play to start the game mode.

Some other roleplay code maps are noted below.

High School Roleplay Map (6351-9562-0264)

One of the first Fortnite Creative High School Roleplay maps. This one is still the go-to hangout for players who want to enjoy living the high school student experience.

Prison Breakout Map (6531-4403-0726)

Players act as police officers or criminals on this map. The only thing that matters is how far you’re prepared to succeed because each side has different objectives and strategies to gain money.

Paradise City Map (7697-6610-2880)

Arriving at the airport in Paradise City, eager to discover the island’s wealth of possibilities. To make money and increase your reputation within the community, go on a tour of the city.


If you are a fan or new gamer of Fortnite Roleplay, we hope this map codes post will help you to figure out a bunch of code maps to make your game easier.

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