Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls for the PC: Exclusive Bindings

The user may alter the default controls shown below. You need to know these controls to play Gang Beasts, from moving to attacking and taunting.

The Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls for the PC

Below you’ll find a list of all Gang Beasts keyboard controls, including the default ones, exclusive PC bindings, combos, and controls for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Default PC Keyboard Controls

The following are the default PC keyboard controls:

  • Movement: WASD
  • Run: Space bar (Hold) + WASD
  • Jump: Space bar
  • Kick: M
  • Sit: Space bar (Hold) + WASD
  • Duck: Ctrl
  • Lie down: M (Hold)
  • Headbutt: Ctrl
  • Crawl: Ctrl (Hold)
  • Taunt: Shift
  • Lift: Shift
  • Right punch/grab: . or right mouse button
  • Left punch/grab: , or left mouse button
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PC Keyboard Controls – Exclusive Bindings

These are the PC Bindings – Keyboard Controls (not available on Xbox One or PS4):

  • Next camera angle: Right arrow key
  • Speed up game: +
  • Previous camera angle: Left arrow key
  • Revert to standard speed: 0
  • Slow down game: –
  • Spawn pushing or pulling force: 1~2 keys
  • Spawn opponents: Shift or Ctrl with numbers 1~8
  • Spawnprops: 3~7 keys
  • Toggle day and night: F1
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PC Keyboard Controls – Combos

Below is a list of the PC Keyboard Controls – Combos:

  • Dropkick: Press jump (space), then tap kick (M)
  • Backflip: Press jump (space), then hold kick (M)
  • Climb: Grab using both arms (. or ,), then press jump (space)
  • Powerslide: Hold kick (M) and crawl (Ctrl Hold) while holding a direction

Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls – Xbox One

Listed below are Xbox One Controls – Combos:

  • Jump: A
  • Sit: A (Hold while staying still)
  • Run: A (Hold while pressing a direction)
  • Lie down: X (Hold)
  • Kick: X
  • Crawl: B (Hold)
  • Duck: B
  • Lift: Y
  • Headbutt: B
  • Taunt: Y
  • Right punch/grab: RB
  • Left punch/grab: LB
  • Switch focus while spectating: RT
  • Change camera angles: D-Pad
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Gang Beasts Keyboard Controls – PS4

Here are the PS4 Controls – Combos:

  • Jump: X
  • Sit: X (Hold while staying still)
  • Run: X (Hold while pressing a direction)
  • Lie down: Square (Hold)
  • Kick: Square
  • Crawl: Circle (Hold)
  • Duck: Circle
  • Lift: Triangle
  • Headbutt: Circle
  • Left punch/grab: L1
  • Taunt: Triangle
  • Change camera angles: D-Pad
  • Right punch/grab: R1
  • Switch focus while spectating: R2

The Settings tab in the game’s main menu lets you change key assignments for each key. From there, you can change the key bindings.

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