Grand Piece Online – GPO Codes June 2022 (Complete List)

Updated: June 7, 2022
GPO Codes

GPO codes are a great way to get help in this Roblox video game, especially if you are looking for a fruit reset or a Stats reset. That is why here we leave you our Grand Piece Online codes list.

Active GPO Codes – Updated June 2022

Here is the complete list of active and working Grand Piece Online codes! Have fun!

  • 470K14XRACEREROLLS — Get 14x Race rerolls.

Grand Piece Online codes

Expired Codes for GPO Roblox

New codes are released frequently, and we do our best to update our list as soon as possible. The codes also expire after a short time, so be sure to use them when you see them on our list above.

  • 100KSUB2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 115KSUBSPRESET – Stat reset
  • 435K8XRACEREROLLS – 8x Race rerolls
  • FREEDFRESET – Devil Fruit reset
  • 440KLIKESSPRESET – Stat reset
  • FREE1HOUR2XDROPRATE – 2x Drop Rate
  • 120KSUBS2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 125KSUBSDFRESET – Devil Fruit reset
  • 130KSUBSSPRESET – Stat reset
  • 16RACEREROLLS – 16x Race rerolls
  • 280KLIKESSPRESET – Stat reset
  • 285K2XRACEREROLL – 2x Race rerolls
  • 290KLIKESDFRESET – Devil Fruit reset
  • 305KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 315KLIKESSSPRESET – Stat reset
  • 320KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 325KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 335KLIKES2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 340K2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 345K2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 350K2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 355K2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • 360K2XRACEREROLLS – 2x Race rerolls
  • CHRISTMASDFNOTIFIER – 240 m Devil Fruit notifier
  • DAHNOOBDFRESET – Devil Fruit reset
  • CHRISTMASDFRESET – Devil Fruit reset
  • SPRESET1 – Stat reset
  • SPRESET2 – Stat reset
  • SPRESET3 – Stat reset
  • SPRESET4 – Stat reset
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How to redeem Roblox GPO Codes

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Look for the text box
  3. Enter your code

We also want to leave you a video in which you can understand more easily how to redeem your codes.

FAQs about Grand Piece Online?

What is Grand Piece Online?

According to the official Grand Piece Online website:

It is a game developed by Grand Quest Games based on Roblox created to make the most daring constructions on the internet. It also serves to find hidden locations and challenge the creators or “difficult bosses of the sea”. You can also compete with people from all over the world and climb the rankings.

Another popular activity in the game is the search for treasures in the First and Second Seas and exotic fruits, which are the rewards of the game. You can also hunt pirates or side with them and be a rebel.

In Grand Piece Online it is possible to make friends, join a team or create one. Legendary fruits are collected and are used to acquire in-game tools. Their rates are automatically applied every Friday and Sunday.

It should be noted that it was created for teenagers, but there are players of all ages. Only in Google’s Play Store it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Are there codes in Grand Piece Online?

And it is. At this moment, there are some codes that you can use to obtain rewards and thus improve your experience in this great video game.

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How much Robux is Grand Piece Online?

According to the information we were able to obtain, currently Grand Piece Online costs above 200 Robux. An amount that seems to be increasing if we consider that the community grows more every day.

We hope that this article has been useful for you and that you can get the help you need. Remember that if you want to receive the latest codes for GPO Roblox, you just have to register on our website and add this post to favorites.


When playing there are specific controls with which you can do all sorts of things. In the controls the M is to drop down the menu and to go up you use Ctrl. P is to enter the ship and WW is to start a race.

What are the fruits for?

The exotic fruits collected are also known as “devil fruits” and serve not only as in-game currency; they help you gain skills and powers with which you can defeat the toughest opponents.

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You can earn fruits in quests or by inviting your friends to join the mobile game.

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