Laboratory RE2 Codes – February 2023 (Complete List)

Resident Evil 2 fans often find solving puzzles to enter labs a huge headache. More when they are in a puzzle format that are a real challenge to the skills of the players. That is why HDGamers brings you the tricks you need for RE2 lab codes.

Something important

Before we start detailing all the tricks you’ll need to crack the secrets of the RE2 lab codes , it’s It is important that you know some curious facts.

The first one is that you are going to have two ways of playing within RE2 , called New Game and New Game 2. In each case, upon arrival at the Greenhouse Laboratory you will find a different way to unlock the control room console. </ span>

The Greenhouse Laboratory

Continuing with this little guide on how to get out of this lab alive, we have to talk about the reason why you have to go there.

The truth is that you will have no alternatives or, better said, you do not have the possibility to refuse. First of all, you have to remember that before facing this enigmatic mission, you will have to find the decoding bracelet with which you will have access to various levels of the secret facilities.

But, in order for her to fulfill her goal, you need the activation chip and you only find it in the control room of the Greenhouse Laboratory . Believe us when we tell you that you need it and with this guide you will be able to find it. However, it will not be the only thing you are going to do within these complicated facilities.

Therefore, it is time to illustrate the path that you must follow to achieve all the objectives without major problem. The rest, we leave in your hands to not make this fun mission so easy.

códigos de laboratorio RE2

RE2 lab codes

Next, we will present you some very important curiosities about RE2 laboratory codes . The first of them is that they are commands described in the form of symbols and the tracks are watered by very specific places near the areas where you are going to need them.

On the other hand, as we previously described, these places and even the same codes, are going to depend on the way you are playing. In this sense, you do not have to worry because in HDGamers we bring you the answers to these secrets.

The first thing you will have to do when you arrive at the laboratory is go to the greenhouse control room . Once you’re there, head to the wall to the west and you’ll find a panel where it will ask you to enter the first code. From here, the differences between one game and another begin.

New game in the RE2 lab

To get the first code in this game mode, you will have to go to the hatch located on one of the sides of the room. Right on the cover that blocks the way to the stairs, you will find a box with some symbols. These are the ones that describe the code that you will have to enter with the panel in the control room to access.

However, to make your work even easier. On the panel located in the control room, it has the analogy with a numeric keypad. So the code you are going to have to enter here will be 3123.

The second code is hidden at the base of a DNA helix-shaped trophy . In the Nueva Partida mode you can find it in the basement rest room. But, we are only going to give you a warning that you have to be careful, a big surprise awaits you so we recommend you to be well armed.

The alternate path in the RE2 lab

Similar to the previous mode. For the New Game 2 mode you can find the primary code right on the same flap cover. The only variation is that said command is different. In fact, the code is 5831 as shown in the following image.

Likewise, you will find the second code in the same trophy, with the difference that it will now be hidden in the laboratory where the machine is to finish make the pesticide.

In summary

In case you don’t want to struggle to find each of these codes, no problem. HDGamers brings you the summary of each of them below and so we will make your game, regardless of what mode you have it, much easier.

New Game

  • Code 1: Click to type 3123 to redeem this code.
  • Code 2: Click to type 2067 to redeem this code.

New Game 2

  • Code 1: Click to type 5831 to redeem this code.
  • Code 2: Click to type 2748 to redeem this code.

Now that you know all the secrets of the RE2 laboratory codes , you only have to delve into the dark and gloomy waters of the mystery surrounding Resident Evil 2 and saving humanity.

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