Lego Marvel Avengers Codes – (January 2022) Complete List

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lego marvel avengers cheat codes

Once upon a time there was an idea called the avenger initiative which consisted of bringing together a group of characters with incredible abilities to fight the most difficult battles for us. That is why at HDGamers we give full support to these heroes by offering them the Lego Marvel Avengers codes and thus defend ourselves from boredom.

Valid and active Lego Marvel Avengers codes

The most important thing to know about Lego Marvel Avengers codes is how varied and extensive they are. Basically they are your key to an expanded universe of tricks, characters and objects that you were hardly going to get in the game.

Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes

Code Reward
A-Bomb 2K8QCG
Amadeus Cho 3ZDB2W
Bengal 8HG9HC
Butter Ball MJNFAJ
Chase 93NNGB
Cottonmouth BTS8M6
Count Nefaria ZNCK2S
Diamondback UNECSY
Fast Build [Red Block] 5MZ73E
Finesse WU9YBF
Firebird RABVV7
Mantis M562MB
Minikit Detector [Red Block] JYJAFX
Quasar N4YANB
Silver Centurion 4AKZ4G
Skaar MFUPE7
Speed K66TQP
Striker XP9QX9
Swordsman R9CWTF
Thunderstrike JWRGP4
Tigra D4RREH
Veil A7BRT4
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Lego Marvel Avengers Vehicle Codes

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Driving Empire codes

Code Reward
9KFJ7A Mini Quinjet
5T3CQU Avenging Cycle
35E41W Pumpkin Chopper
D5B7O3 S.H.I.E.L.D. Staff Car
SH9MZQ Spider Bike