Vault of Secrets Codes in Geometry Dash – February 2023

For lovers of platform games, they will have come across Geometry Dash and it will have become one of your favorites. More when you have more mysteries to discover thanks to the latest update. And to help you with those puzzles, HDGamers brings you the list of vault of secrets codes for hassle-free enjoyment.

Geometry Dash active and valid codes – February 2023

The first thing you have to know about the Vault of Secrets codes is that they will not only allow you to have access to new characters, powers and platforms. The codes listed below are only available in the main vault:

  • Gandalfpotter: Trail
  • Robotop: Robot
  • Neverending: UFO
  • Spooky: Shy Guy icon
  • Lenny: Lenny Icon
  • Blockbite: UFO
  • Ahead: Wave
  • Mule: Ship
  • (Enter your username): Eye
  • Sparky: A secret coin and other resources
  • 8-16-30-32-46-84: Illuminati Wave (*)

(*): this code will require you to type each number individually and then click on the face of the Vault Keeper. For example, enter 8 and click the face of the Vault Keeper, enter 16 and click the face again, and so on.

Geometry Dash Vault valid codes – The Chamber of Time

The following codes ‎‎are only available in The Chamber of Time‎:

  • Hunger: Hungry Icon
  • Darkness: Face Icon
  • River: Dark Green color
  • Volcano: Wave
  • Silence: Alternative Default Icon

Expired codes of Geometry Dash

Unfortunately for Geometry Dash lovers, these are all codes that are no longer working.

  • thechickenisonfire: Swamp Green color
  • The Challenge: Vault Keepers level
  • Seven: Finn Icon
  • Octocube: Octopus shaped Icon
  • Brain Power: Brain shaped Icon
  • Gimmiethecolor: Dark Red color
  • (The number of stars you have in your account): Random Icon
  • Cod3breaker: Open a minigame and unlock a new icon

How to redeem codes for Geometry Dash

To redeem all the codes, you just have to enter the game and open the extras option. Here, a keyboard will be displayed where you can enter all the codes that we showed you previously. Then we leave you a video with the correct way to do it.

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