Oblivion Items Codes – February 2023 (Complete List)

oblivion item codes

The epic element in the stories of most video games is usually one of the most important attractions for gamers. After all, we are always looking for an adventure that will be remembered for generations. But, no crusade can be successful without the right equipment. So HDGamers brings the object codes for Oblivion .

Valid and active Oblivion codes

In this order of ideas, when we talk about the object codes for Oblivion we refer to a series of tricks that will allow us to make objects, such as potions or enchantments, that are really useful.

Likewise, with these codes we will be able to enable characters, worlds, weapons, abilities and much more that will keep us with a great advantage over our mysterious enemies.

Therefore, having such an extensive catalog of the articles that we obtain for each code, is that we have given ourselves the task of making the following list of commands with their respective descriptions.

Forgetting Apparatus Codes

Potions are a turning point on any journey into the unknown. But, a merchant is often difficult to find on the road frequently. Therefore, it is important to have the right equipment that will allow you to create them without problem anywhere.

  • 0006EE52: Traveler Alembic.
  • 0006EE68: Master Mortar and Mortar.
  • 0006EE62: Expert reply.

Alchemy Codes of Oblivion

In this order of ideas, the most useful potions that you can count on thanks to these object codes for Oblivion are the following:

  • 0004E938: Moderate Elixir of Exploration.
  • 0008DC58: Poison of Clumsiness.
  • 0008DC78: Strong separation poison.

Forgetfulness Armor Codes

Every adventurer’s journey will be doomed to failure if he doesn’t have the protection of good armor to guard him from enemy attacks. Therefore, with these tricks you will have a good team like the following:

  • 0004915D: Apprentice’s Helmet.
  • 000489AA: Eagle Feather Shield.
  • 00049383: Shield of the winter solstice.

Forget Arrow Codes

An indispensable item that the item codes for Oblivion bring are the magic arrows with which you can do great damage to your targets. This is because once you redeem them, you will opt for the following power options.

  • 0001EFD3: Daedric arrow.
  • 00022BE1: Crystal arrow.
  • 0004BF0C: Lightning arrow.

Oblivion books and parchment codes

Books are a great attribute of role-playing games that, in a way, end up characterizing them. This is because they usually bring unique skills or knowledge necessary for your adventure. Among which you can count on the following:

  • 000243CF: A game at dinner.
  • 00024588: Five songs of the king Wulfharth .
  • 000A97EB: Hail.
  • 000A97ED: Ice Bolt.

Forgetfulness ingredient codes

No traveler can survive without potions or food. This is why the object codes for Oblivion will bring you some ingredients that are a bit difficult to find.

  • 00033665: Boar meat.
  • 00033690: Rice.
  • 00033677: Garlic.

Forget key codes

One of the best moments in any role-playing game is finding a chest or a closed door that, on many occasions, usually contains large objects. But, the challenge is to find the keys to access it.

Therefore, the object codes for Oblivion bring you some to facilitate your quest through this magical world.

  • 0001D203: Warehouse key.
  • 00029190: Key of Lazare Milvan.
  • 00098251: Shadowy Mine Key.

Forget location codes

Distances are often a problem for users when you don’t have a good mount. Therefore, there is this section of the codes that will give you the power to teleport you to certain locations.

  • CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement: Abandoned basement.
  • AnvilAbandonedHouse: Abandoned house.
  • Abandoned mining: Abandoned mine.

Oblivion NPC Codes

For RPG lovers it is often a real headache to travel long distances to find the nearest NPC. That won’t be a big deal with these object codes anymorefor Oblivion.

  • 0018D1F4: Imperial Jailer.
  • 00032652: Vampire Witch Hunter.
  • 0001EC37: Shobob gro-Rugdush.

Forgetfulness rings, charms and dress codes

It is no secret to anyone that any player has a desire to make their character look stunning. And for this, these tricks have something special in mind for them such as the following benefits.

  • 00023D53: Emperor’s shoes.
  • 00092AC6: Amulet of Illusion.
  • 00098419: Firewalking Base Ring.

Oblivion Soul Gem Codes

What would become of a weapon without its respective improvement? Simply an accessory with a short expiration date. To do this, these object codes for Oblivion bring the gems that will allow you to infuse great power into your team.

  • 000382DB: Great Soul Gem.
  • 000382E0: Black Soul Gem.
  • 00023D67: Little gem of a soul.

Forgetting Spell Codes

One of the most striking classes in any role-playing game is magic. Although they are difficult to climb at first, their power is incomparable. And all this is thanks to its wide variety of skills that, with practice and these codes, you can master without problems.

  • 000A97D1: Mastering the Touch.
  • 000A9816: Fortification Speed.
  • 000A979E: Absorb Skill: Mysticism.

Forgotten Weapon Codes

One item that can never stop being in your inventory is your weaponry. From a small dagger to a bow they can be the difference between life and death. So they couldn’t help but be missing from these object codes for Oblivion .

  • 0002308B: Blizzard Battle Ax.
  • 0002B585: Shaking Arc.
  • 00035E5C: Short Crystal Sword.

Oblivion Weather Codes

A fun compendium of tricks that these codes give us is the ability it gives us to modify the appearance of the weather.

  • 00038EEE: Sure.
  • 00038EFE: Cloudy.
  • 00038EEF: Fog.

Forgot Codes misc.

While the objects that the following object codes for Oblivion give us have no apparent strategic value, it is always useful to have them. You never know when you will use the following items.

  • 0002507D: Ceramic jug.
  • 0000000C: Repair hammer.
  • 00038BA9: Flawless diamond.

Shaky Island Codes

With these codes you can explore new territories such as the Shivering Isles.

  • 0006D0F3: Pelvis of Pelagio.
  • 00016CF2: Amber Arc Matrix.
  • 00081E5E: Two-headed coin.

Expired Oblivion Codes

Fortunately for our intrepid and brave adventurers. No object codes for Oblivion stopped working. So you are in time to have all the tools that these magnificent tricks give you.

How to redeem Oblivion codes

To activate each object code for Oblivion , all we have to do is open the dialog window and write each one. However, it is very important to add the player.additem command (command). To be able to count on them.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates how to activate each of these tricks.

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