Project Pokemon Codes – February 2023 (Complete List)

In a discussion on Pokemon, the title of being one of the most successful series of all time. With several years teaching children to care for the friendship between nature and humanity. That is why in our eagerness to help you be a teacher, we bring you the Project Pokemon codes.

Project Pokemon Codes

How to play Roblox Project Pokemon in 2022?

On August 4, 2018, Project Pokemon was affected with a content deletion. In itself, most of us players expected this to happen since the removal of Pokemon Brick Bronze that same year, and as such it wasn’t really a surprise. However, several players who enjoyed the game complained that many of them invested time and money.

Although it was impossible to revive the game, since almost the same thing happened with Brick Bronze (the game plagiarized assets from the official Pokemon games for Nintendo portable systems). For this reason, it is not easy to play Project Pokemon again.

We know that there is a method that allows you to access the beta version, but for this you will have to join the Project Pokemon Group.

Valid and active Project Pokemon codes – February 2023

First, when talking about Project Pokemon codes, we have to highlight their great usefulness. More than anything for offering you the possibility of acquiring new Pokemon of a great variety. Above all, the rarest and most difficult to find, much more to capture.

So, as you can see, there are very attractive tricks that we will present below.

Trade it for the pokemon Eelektrik named ‘Zap’.
Trade it for the Gastly pokemon named ‘Spirit’.
Trade it for the Pokemon Zangoose named ‘Cup Of Water’.
Trade it for the Pokemon Chinchou named ‘Angler’.
Trade it for the Piplup pokemon named ‘PengwinXD’.
Exchange it for the pokemon Entei called ‘Dasher’.
Trade it for the Aerodacty pokemon named ‘Aerodactyl’.
Trade it for the Pokemon Meowth named ‘Inky’.
Trade it for the Pokemon Latias named ‘Lassie’.
Trade it for the Pokemon Kabutops named ‘Claws’.
Exchange it for the Bunnelby pokemon named ‘Surprise’.

Project Pokemon Codes expired

Unfortunately for aspiring Pokemon masters, the codes we’ll introduce below are no longer working.

EmojiDay Redkachu
HappyFourth GuysFawkes
MerryChristmas ShinyFinale
Bootleg Hax0rz
WishesRayquaza Firefox
SpringBreak Choices
Behemoth Celebrations
SpookyGhosty TinyShiny
IAmGroot Shinypalooza
LateAgain Totally
Clickbait The100Club
ValentinesLove Steak
Superbowl2018 Mob
Jojoke ColdSteel
Late4Code Doggo
YearOf2017 Shining
MerryXmas2017 SlippySnek
Elflax BadLuckBird
JingleBell Stardom
Rudolph FourHundo
Sunny Goggles
Malts KrabbyPatty
UltraMoon WhatsUpDoc
NotUseless Apologies
Movember Prinpupper
SpookTober3 TheFuriusDawg
SpookTober2 HarryHoudini
RainbowPlant Stormy
ScaryCandle RioluOlympics
Positivity Kirikun
SpookyScary OnePercentRat
LightningFast ReallyCodes
ImASnake Doggy
CHILLBIRD HappyHolidays
Fangs ThreeFitty
SolidRock Aquaman
IceCold Muchacho
Metallic WeaselNews
Deli Thanks
Anubis Kane
Dragoon FlyingGrass
HappyMothersDay Pikablu
PeanutButter Hungry
Nitemare Valentine
StarLord Falcon
Laziness Shimada
Easter2017 Berserk
Joker Overslept
Grasshopper Barney
RainbowRayquaza Heracles
Extinct JackFrost
Bouquet Glitch
Sharknado Investigator
Wraith Ghost

How to redeem Project Pokemon codes

To redeem the Project Pokemon codes, just follow these steps. In first instead, you will have to access the options menu located on the left side of your screen. Then, select the Mystery Gift option to open a dialog window where you can write the codes of your preference.

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