Roblox Shirt ID Codes List – October 2023

Most of the players love customizing their avatar’s appearance from time to time to bring change to the game. Being familiar with the Roblox Shirt ID Codes List will help you in changing your shirts more often. Keep reading to learn how you can do it.

Example of Roblox Shirt ID Code

The official link of the Roblox Jacket ID is

In this link, the ID “607785314” represents the particular clothing item, that is, the jacket in this case.

How to Find More Roblox Shirt ID Codes?

Finding more Roblox Shirt ID codes is quite easy, as all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Open
  2. Click on Avatar Shop, located in the top right corner.
  3. Select Clothing from the left menu. 
  4. Go to the Shirts section.
  5. Use the search box to search for your new shirt. You can sort the results in terms of price from low to high if you are looking for an affordable or free shirt.
  6. Select the shirt of your choice. 
  7. Once the page of your selected shirt is open, navigate to the URL of the shirt and copy it. The number at the end of the URL will indicate its ID. 

How to Change Your Avatar’s Shirt Using the Roblox Shirt ID Codes?

You can use the Roblox Shirt ID Codes to change your avatar’s shirt by following these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar’s picture.
  2. Open the Avatar settings.
  3. Choose the new Shirt you want to change to. 

Ultimately, you don’t have to go through any extensive procedure or steps to change the appearance of your avatar within the Roblox game. Use the shirt ID code and start changing your shirt and overall avatar’s appearance.

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