Shindo Life Cloak Id Codes List

Roblox A video game called Shindo Life was influenced by the Naruto anime. You must engage in a lot of combat with foes in order to rank among the top warriors. You also want to look fantastic while doing this, just like every warrior! To constantly be the best version of oneself, you need Shindo Life Cloak codes. The most recent list of codes that may be redeemed for great personalized cloaks can be found here. You will stand out from the crowd while you play with these designs. Do not forget that these cloaks cost money, but real coins can be used to purchase them (in-game currency).

Cloak Id Codes List

We’ve created a list of some of the better cloak and cape choices you have for Shindo Life. You may view what the capes look like on Roblox by clicking the link. There are many different versions.

  • 7768605086—Red and Black Turtle Cloak
  • 2321156683—Kirby Cloak
  • 7747406441—Yellow and Black Dio Cape 2
  • 7763811303—Black Cloak with Character Logo
  • 6286971806—Evil Deer Cloak
  • 7628549910—Green with Yellow Webs Cloak
  • 7766264353—Red Flame Number 9 Cloak
  • 7757699356—Yellow and Black Dio Cape
  • 7766794162—Red and Gold Senko Cloak
  • 7768356173—Red and Black Fire Cloak
  • 7759474906—Rinnegan Purple Flames Cloak
  • 7761886973—Akatsuki Red Cloud Cloak
  • 7774378121—Green Accented Black Cape
  • 7766599337—Flamed Monster Energy Green Cloak
  • 7756460185—Blue Flamed Cape
  • 322630702—Black Tattered Cloak
  • 7772783371—Jashin Ribs Black Cloak
  • 7768324439—Knight’s Classic Brown Cloak
  • 7111574598—Blue Dolphin Cloak
  • 7758633015—Pink Flames and Pink Swirl Cloak
  • 7767773942—Pale Pink Flames White Cloak
  • 7770138733—Sharingan Red Details Black Cloak
  • 7761296826—Black Lone Moon Cloak

How to Redeem Codes for Shindo Life Cloak?

Following these instructions will allow you to replace your cloaks, but bear in mind that you’ll require real coins to do so.

  • Start the game
  • Pick a spam map (Play)
  • while playing, access the menu (M on PC)
  • Select Customs (the option above controls)
  • Any of the links below the real coin wallet should be clicked.
  • Add your ID here: To purchase it with real coins, enter the Cloak id and click Confirm.
  • Enjoy all the new clothing, and use real money if necessary, check the codes.

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.



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