Shindo Life Commands Full and Updated list

It’s no secret that all PC gaming systems these days use commands to make actions easier. And the reason for that is that Shindo Life keeps up. You can access functions much more easily thanks to a series of shortcuts that the designers have designed. We shall demonstrate all of Shindo Life’s commands to you today.

The fact is that a command rarely offers assistance with anything, but it can significantly reduce gameplay time. The most knowledgeable users use this on a daily basis to farm and fight.

Shindo Life Commands

  • !unrogue – Kage Command
  • !kick [username] – To kick a player
  • !squad – To make a squad
  • !inv [username] – to invite a player
  • !beserk – Automatically attack nearby targets
  • !cancel – to exit the mission
  • !topad – Tp to Cpad
  • !cmds – Full list of available commands
  • !Tentacion – to activate Tentacion Mode for Tailed Spirits
  • !ccmds – To close the commands menu
  • !ffon – Friendly Fire on
  • !ffoff – Friendly Fire off
  • !1v1 [username] [username] – 1vs1 Train
  • !rogue – Kage Command
  • !name – to change the roleplay name
  • !leave – To leave a squad
  • !cdog – to change the color of Okami’s dog (but requires 25 robux)

Training Commands

These are all the commands for training.

  • !reward – training reward
  • !bell – Bell training
  • !begin – to begin a training
  • !end – to end a training
  • !pushup – workout training
  • !treejump – workout training
  • !tm – TDM training
  • !inf – info training
  • !cpads – to create a training
  • !ktrain [username] – Kunai training

War Server Commands

These commands are exclusive to the War server.

  • !spawn team – Exclusive to war servers
  • !spawn [mapname] – Exclusive to war servers
  • !endgame – Exclusive to war servers
  • !game tdm, elim – Exclusive to war servers
  • !team1/2 – Exclusive to war servers
  • !despawn – Exclusive to war servers

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