Skate 3 Cheats Codes – March 2023 (Complete List)

The universe of video games was not always very grateful to skate. Thousands of athletes want to enjoy their passion on consoles as well as on platforms. It is for them that HDGamers brings them all the skate 3 cheats codes  to enjoy their passion in the virtual world.

All Skate 3 cheats codes for Xbox 360 (March 2023)

Next, we leave you with the codes and a brief description of what each of them does.

Cheat code Effects
Redeem this code to unlock Miracle Whip clothing and items.
Redeem this code for and restore all objects in each area to their original positions.
By redeeming this code, you will make the NPCs chase you and turns the screen yellow.
Redeem this code to enable Hoverboard mode.
Redeem this code to unlock Isaac from Dead Space as a playable skater.
Mcfly Changes your skateboard into a snazzy hoverboard.

Skate 3 achievements

With all these cheats, as few as they may seem, they will be very useful for you to achieve goals or achievements within the game.

How to unlock Achievement & gamerscore
Fly Spread Eagle for 10 seconds It will give you 100% pure adrenaline as well as 10 score.
Complete staff of your team A dynasty is born and you will get 30 score.
All your base belongs to you Unlock the team headquarters with 10 of Score
Upload five movies 5 photos and 3 skate parks to earn the Artsy Fartsy achievement along with 20 Score.
Win the Monster contest This will unlock the Unleashed Beast achievement along with 10 Score.
Beat the movie ender Big-Footy. Score 10.
Complete an online race challenge You will have a Score 10.
Rate 5 skates, 5 movies and 5 photos Unlock the Constructive Criticism achievement and a Score 20.
1 million boards sold Deck Peddler. Score 75.
Everything expired, everything unlocked, everything earned Dedicated. Score 100.
Start your team Employee number 1. Score 10.
Win your first career teammate Employee # 2. Score 10.
Win your third career teammate Employee # 4. Score 20
Win your second career partner Employee # 3. Score 20
Perform a 100 meter or 300 foot routine Extreme Grindage. Score 10.
Win five ranked challenges High Five! Score 25.
Catch the Skate Flu Gone Viral. Score 20.
Complete Coach Frank’s Skate School Tutorials You will have the title In Stereo and a Score 20.
Win the Goofy vs. contest Regular GVR Champ. Score 10.

Skate 3 Cheats Codes

How to redeem Skate 3 codes

To enter the Skate 3 codes, you just have to go to the pause menu, click on options and select “extras”. Here a window will open where you will be able to enter all the codes for the game. Next, we leave you a short video on how to do it.

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