Splitgate DLC & Referral Codes

First-person shooter video game Splitgate was created and released by 1047. Players may conveniently use the numerous free gifts they can obtain from games in the game. On July 27, 2021, it was made available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Since its release, Splitgate has received a lot of positive feedback from players, and we have all the most recent promo codes available for you to use in the game. The game is incredibly popular and has had a lot to offer since it was first released in the past. If you enjoy the game, make sure to utilize all these discount codes to maximize your enjoyment of it.

Splitgate DLC Codes

All of these DLC Codes are legitimate, however, you should also check the Referral Codes.

Depending on the game you play, you can presently use one of two DLC codes, one for Xbox and one for PC. And only one of the two can be redeemed.

  • Xbox: Log in to your Xbox account to get started. If you don’t already have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can try it out for $1. select the “perks” tab. On the Splitgate Xtreme Pack, click Redeem.
  • PC: Visit the Intel Gaming Access website and sign in using your Steam credentials. Paste the code > Open Splitgate and enter the DLC redemption code > Copy the code, then type it in and click Enter.

Splitgate Referral Codes

You will receive 50 coins for each of these Splitgate referral codes, so exchange them all for cash:

  • 5CBAY5
  • 17UU1H
  • WDLTE9
  • AGG8XY
  • J41Q5M
  • JP73T2
  • 4WY9LV
  • N7VTXQ
  • 7VHUBH
  • DS1DSA
  • 3S2N9S
  • I6MR18
  • LQK3L2
  • 7U6E5X
  • KF4G85
  • LMNK7R
  • SGU7QZ
  • NLZ7ET
  • 4CJNKB
  • 5GZUN1
  • PWA32S
  • YIKQG6
  • V47QSG
  • 3YT8XE
  • V7RY4S
  • 7hmp28
  • 6JBIS2
  • PGW6J2
  • 92HM41
  • M8JNQQ
  • 7G26YC
  • F57FVL

Players will have the opportunity to acquire free skins, various cosmetics, and more with these codes to improve their Splitgate experience. Keep an eye on this page since Splitgate is probably going to keep adding promotional codes to the game. We know they will add them every month, even if they don’t add them every day or week.

How to Redeem Splitgate Promo Codes?

Splitgate can be successfully redeemed, despite what some people may believe. It is quick and simple, and it doesn’t take long. The actions are:

  • Open Splitgate in the first step, and then select the Escape button to display the menu.
  • From this point, choose the Spilgate Redeem DLC code button on the left and then enter a valid code.
  • After entering the Spilgate Redeem DLC code, click “Redeem” to complete the process. You’ll receive all of your incentives once this is completed.

Splitgate has experienced a sharp increase in popularity over the past few months, and they are now attempting to imitate other games by including seasons in their title. This will increase the amount of content available to Splitgate players. Seasons are a fantastic method for free-to-play games to generate revenue, and Splitgate appears to be using them successfully.

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