¡Age of Empires Commands List! – Updated 2023

Building an empire won’t always be an overnight job. You require resources, discipline and patience to overcome any obstacle. But, if you want to do it easily, you could use Age of Empires commands.

With them we will have access to a unique universe of possibilities to establish ourselves as true monarchs. That is why in HDGamers we will bring them to you below.

How do I activate Age of Empires commands?

If we already know that achieving our dream of being the owners of an empire as vast as our imagination allows it will not be an easy task. The existence of these Age of Empires commands is.

  • In this sense, to show off its incredible benefits you will only have to follow these simple steps.
  • First of all, you will need to activate the chat window. By default, it is with the Enter key.
  • Then you have to type the Age of Empires command that you want to use.
  • Finally, you have to hit Enter to activate its benefits.

Age of Empires commands

Age of Empires Commands

Now that you know how to activate these incredible allies on your way to building a great empire, you are ready to meet them.

cheese steak jimmy’s

  • Using this trick you will get a thousand units of food.

robin hood

  • If you want to get gold quickly, use this cheat and you will get a thousand units.

rock on

  • This cheat will give you a thousand units of stone.


  • With this command you will have a thousand units of wood.


  • This cheat activates the super fast building mode.

how do you turn this on

  • One of the most popular commands is this. The reason, very simple. Using it you get a car charges.


  • Use this trick to kill your emperor.

natural wonders

  • By activating this command you will be able to have control over all the animals.


  • If you want to see the complete map of your territory, use this trick.


  • With this trick you can save time when you face an imminent defeat.

i r winner

  • On the contrary, when you want to speed up time towards a more than certain victory. Use this trick.

black death

  • When you get into trouble, use this command to kill all opponents.


  • If you want to kill a specific opponent, use this cheat.


  • Clear the fog from all war scenes.

to smithereens

  • With this trick you can get a Saboteur .

i love the monkey head

  • Use this command to get the Villager Male Dave Lewis unit.

woof woof

  • Do you want a weird trick? Use this command and you will have a flying dog with a cape.

furious the monkey boy

  • With this trick you get a series of super building destroyer monkeys .


  • By using this cheat you get 100,000 units of all resources.

Age of Empires commands

Other Helpful Age of Empires Commands

As you may have noticed, Age of Empires commands are one of the best alternatives to improve your performance in the game. In this way, we find a series of commands that will help us with some basic functions.


  • A trick that will allow you to activate the autosave function.


  • This command allows you to reestablish the basic settings of the mouse .


  • Turn off ambient sounds.


  • Turn off the entire game soundtrack.


  • Turn off all sounds within the game.


  • Disable all FMV streams .


  • It allows you to visualize and correct various visualization problems.


  • Like the previous command, with this trick you can correct some sound problems.


  • Set the screen resolution to 800×600.


  • Set the screen resolution to HD (1024×768) .


  • Set the screen resolution to 1280×1024.

Final Recommendations on Age of Empires Commands

At this point there is not much left to say. In this sense, it is worth commenting that these commands that you just learned are useful both for the original version of the game as well as for its expansions.

However, unlike other games like Age of Empires, the use of its commands does not usually represent a risk for your game.

This does not mean that you will be able to use the Age of Empires commands as many times as you want.The truth is that yes, but the game would lose emotion quickly. That said, we can only invite you to enjoy one of the best strategy games ever seen.



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