All Roblox Bedwars Commands – Complete Guide

Roblox Bedwars is a complex strategic game in which players must defend their own beds while simultaneously attempting to destroy that of their opponents. Considering the difficulty of the task, our comprehensive list of commands would make things somewhat simpler.

All Roblox Bedwars Commands

Here is a list of all active commands used in Bedwars:

  • /setteamspawn (teamName): Change team spawn locations
  • /gen help: Support for creating & managing generators
  • /shop help: Support for creating & managing shops
  • /gm 1 (playerName | @all | @team:teamName): Apply creative mode
  • /edit flat (block) (size): Generate a flat square of blocks
  • /setac enabled: Enable anti-cheat
  • /setac disabled: Disable anti-cheat
  • /void: Teleport you to the Void
  • /bedwars: Return you to the BedWars lobby
  • /Islands: Take you to Roblox Islands
  • /setTeam (player | @all | @team:(team_name)) (team_name): Set the team of a player or players.
  • /luckyairdrop: Forces an airdrop of 1-10 Lucky Blocks in a random area
  • /setDeathmatchTime XX: Sets the time until the deathmatch countdown begins, replace XX with the seconds until deathmatch timer starts
  • /setGeneratorMultiplier XX: multiplier spawn rate for resource generators, replace XX with a number above zero, the fastest rate is 0.0000001
  • /sethealthgreen Player RegenAmount: Changes a player’s self regen healing rate
  • /spawn X Y: Spawns Item/s, replace X with Item name and Y with quantity
  • /togglespawn XX true/false: Toggles the spawning of said item, replace XX with item name
  • /tp all: Teleports all players to a point on the map
  • /tpbed Color_bed: Teleports you to a team bed
  • /tp UserName/DisplayName: Teleports you to another player
  • /lobby: Go back to the lobby hub
  • /announce Message: notification message to all in-game players
  • /blacklistitem Item XX: Restricts said item from being used in the custom match, replace XX with item name (replace spaces with underscores)
  • /cohost all: Gives all players co-host permissions
  • /disablekit Kit XX: Disables the said kit from being used in the custom match, replace XX with kit name (replace spaces with underscores)
  • /disaster XX: Spawns the specified disaster, replace XX with the disaster name
  • /enchant XX: Applies an the Enchantment listed in the command, replace XX with a the enchantment name_level
  • /give @PlayerName | @all | @team:TeamColor ItemName Amount
  • /kick UserName: Replace UserName with the user name (not the display name) of the player you want to kick

Item Commands and IDs

The following commands are used to spawn the IDs:

  • rrows > /spawn arrow
  • Baseball Bat > /spawn baseball_bat
  • Banana Peel > /spawn banana_peel
  • Bee > /spawn bee_entity
  • Bed > /spawn bed
  • Big Wooden Sword > /spawn big_wood_sword
  • Birch Log > /spawn birch_log
  • Broken Enchantment Table > /spawn broken_enchant_table
  • Brick > /spawn brick
  • Carrot > /spawn carrot
  • Cauldron > /spawn cauldron
  • Clay > /spawn clay_ any color
  • Chest > /spawn chest
  • Chest(personal) > /spawn personal_chest
  • Diamond > /spawn diamond
  • Diamond Block > /spawn diamond_block
  • Dirt > /spawn dirt
  • Dode > /spawn dode_entity
  • Duck > /spawn duck_entity
  • Emerald > /spawn emerald
  • Emerald Block > /spawn emerald_block
  • Enchantment Table > /spawn enchant_table
  • Feather Bow > /spawn feather_bow
  • Glass > /spawn glass
  • Grass > /spawn grass
  • Hickory Log > /spawn hickory_log
  • Ice > /spawn ice
  • Impulse Grenade > /spawn grenade_impulse
  • Iron Block > /spawn iron_block
  • Lucky Drop > /spawn lucky_block_trap
  • Marble > /spawn marble
  • Marble Pillar > /spawn marble_pillar
  • Melon > /spawn melon
  • Oak Log > /spawn oak_log
  • Redstone > /spawn red_sandstone
  • Sand > /spawn sand
  • Sandstone > /spawn sandstone
  • Slate Brick > /spawn slate_brick
  • Slime > /spawn slime_block
  • Speed Boots > /spawn speed_boots
  • Spruce Log > /spawn spruce_log
  • Snow > /spawn snow
  • Stone > /spawn stone
  • Stone Slab > /spawn stone_slab
  • Watering Can > /spawn watering_can
  • Wood Sword > /spawn wood_sword
  • Wood Plank > /spawn wood_plank_oak/maple/spruce
  • Wood Pickaxe > /spawn wood_pickaxe
  • Wool Blocks > /spawn wool_white
  • Zipline > /spawn zipline_base

Basic Controls

  • Shift: Sprint
  • E: Open Inventory
  • Q: Drop the item
  • Ctrl: Lock camera
  • T: Use Spray

How to play Roblox Bedwars?

  • To find the game, you must Join the “BedWars” queue in the lobby
  • Keep your base protected. Once it’s gone, you can no longer respawn!
  • Collect your resources to purchase items and team upgrades
  • Destroy enemy beds and eliminate players to win the game

To stay in touch with the latest commands of Bedwars, you should follow its social media platforms:

  • Twitter: @RobloxBedWars
  • Discord: Bedwars
  • Youtube: ??
  • Roblox Group:!/about
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