Dark Souls Commands – Updated 2023

The legend that lives around the Dark Souls video game saga is one of the best known in the gamer community. A reputation that he earned based on the blood and suffering of each of the users who challenged him. But is there any way to get over it the easy way? Something in the style of Dark Souls commandos for example.

It is a question that we will try to answer this time or we will die trying. Yes, at this level of drama a game as complicated and challenging as Dark Souls brings us.

What are Dark Souls Commands?

To begin, we must tell you that we will focus on the origin of the frustration of many gamers in the world. To be more specific, we will put our eyes on knowing what the commands of the first installment of Dark Souls are.

In this sense, we can tell you that they are just a small series of codes or tricks that will give you a universe of almost infinite possibilities. Although it won’t be as big as the multiverse we saw at the end of the Loki season, sorry for the spoiler.

Returning to the topic, in this small branch of our multiverse we find an important detail about the Dark Souls commands. A revelation that will mark the lives of many.

Crystal Cave en Dark Souls

What is that revelation?

The real problem with the commands for this game is that, simply put, they don’t exist . We can find a huge variety of tricks on the web. But, the truth is that the developers have found a way to avoid them.

After all, the mere use of some shortcut or cheat to improve our character is forbidden and is a bit unethical to say the least.

Therefore, the use of these commands is strictly prohibited and was even forcefully blocked some time ago. Consequently, the only way to overcome it will be with our own ability.

You could also do a little review of Dark Souls builds to find the best build. One that allows you to overcome every challenge that Dark Souls commandos could make easier.

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