Dota Underlords Commands – Updated 2023

In the range of chess-based games, such as Dota Underlords , it is common to find incredible gamers minds. After all, devising strategies in a matter of seconds to defeat your opponent is not easy at all. But, if you want some help organizing your game, today we bring you the Dota Underlords commands .

Although they can be seen as a kind of cheat, believe us that they are quite useful and do not represent a great advantage over your rival. To get that advantage, we recommend you review the Dota Underlords builds.

How are Dota Underlords commands used?

Returning to the topic in question, when we talk about the Dota Underlords commands it is extremely important to learn how they are used before knowing them.

Consequently, our first mission will be to teach you how to activate them and thus enjoy their incredible benefits. The truth is that it is a really simple job, as well as following these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is open the chat window with the key you have assigned. By default, it is Enter .
  • Type any of the Dota Underlords commands you want to use.
  • Finally, you just have to press Enter again to activate them.

Dota Underlords tier list

The Dota Underlords commands

Now that you know a little more about what they are and how to activate the Dota Underlords commands , you are in the best position to discover them. Next, we leave you with all the commands of this great game.


  • It is written: -afk
  • Shows how long a player has been inactive.


  • It is written: -apm
  • Show your APM (actions per minute).


  • It is written: -bonus
  • Shows the amount of exp and bonus gold earned by hero kills.

Creep stats

  • It is written: -cs
  • Momentarily displays Killed / Denied creeps stats.


  • It is written: -clear
  • Clear the screen of all msm in the game.


  • It is written: -courier
  • Show the courier with a sign.

Creep Stats Board

  • Write: -cson / -csoff
  • Show / Hide a window with the statistics of the creeps that you are killing / denying.

Death ON / OFF

  • It is written: -don / -doff
  • Show or hide the timer that informs you of the time that has to pass before you revive.

Enable / Disable Help

  • Write: -enablehelp / -disablehelp
  • Enable / Disable the abilities of some allies in you such as:
    • Test of Faith (Chen).
    • Astral Imprisonment (Obsidian Destroyer).
    • Sproute (Furion).

Game info

  • It is written: -gameinfo
  • Shows information about the game mode used.

Show / Hide deny

  • It is written: -showdeny / -hidedeny
  • Show or hide a signal on a creep / structure on your team whenever it has been denied by an allied hero.
  • The color of the signal (!) is the same color as the player who denied it.

Hide Hero Names

  • It is written: -hhn
  • Hide the hero class of their name in the chat.

Hide / Show msg

  • It is written: -hidemsg / -showmsg
  • Hide or show some messages that appear on the screen.

Invoke List

  • It is written: -invokelist
  • Show a list of Invoker spells.

Item swap

  • It is written: -itemswap x y
  • Swap items between inventory slots.

Kick Afk

  • It is written: -kickafk #
  • Kick from the game a player who has been inactive (afk) for more than 10 minutes.

Match up

  • Write -ma
  • Shows you a list of your opponents and their heroes.

Movement Speed ​​

  • It is written: -ms
  • Youshows your hero’s movement speed.


  • Write -music #
  • Change the music of the game.

Note: Replace # one of these options: off, random, nightelf1, nightelf2, nightelf3, human1, human2, human3, orc1, orc2, orc3, undead1, undead2, undead3, other1, other2, other3, other4 , other5, special.


  • Write -mute
  • Disable kill sounds.

Quote Hero

  • Write -quote # / random
  • Replace “#” with a number to display a hero quote.

Random hero

  • Write -random
  • With this command you will get:
    • A random hero.
    • A 250 gold bonus.
    • And if you add int / agi / str you will receive:
    • A hero of the designated attribute.
    • A bonus of 150 gold.


  • Write: -recreate
  • Option that only some heroes have, allows that when the machine produces the error, to control your hero, it returns to your control again. You must write it when your hero is close to the source.


  • It is written: -repick
  • By typing this option your hero will be changed by another one automatically at random.


  • It is written: -rickroll
  • Show random funny text.


  • It is written: -roll #
  • Give a random number between 1 and the number you wrote to decide who goes alone or not, or who will take a roshan item.

Roll Hero

  • It is written: -rh
  • Displays the name of a random hero.

Roll On / Off

  • It is written: -rollon / -rolloff
  • Used to enable / disable the text message when a player uses the -roll command


  • Write: -terrain snow / default
  • Change the terrain of the map to snow (snow) or normal (default).


  • It is written: -tips
  • By activating this command the game will give you 5 basic tips for your hero in different parts of the game.


  • It is written: -unstuck
    • Option that automatically paralyzes your hero and after 60 seconds returns you to your main base.
  • This option once written:
    • It cannot be interrupted.
    • Used when you are trapped in areas that you cannot get out of alone.
    • The hero can gain experience while waiting the 60 seconds.


  • Write: -water red / blue / green / default / random / r g b
  • This effect command changes the color of the water to:
    • Red.
    • Blue.
    • Green.
    • Normal.
    • Randomly.
    • Custom (r g b).


  • Write: -weather rain / snow / moonlight / wind / random / off
  • This effect command changes the map’s weather to:
    • Rain.
    • Snow.
    • Moon.
    • Wind.
    • Randomly.
    • Disabled.

Swap Hero

  • It is written: -swap #
  • Allows you to trade heroes with another friendly player.


  • Write: -switch #
  • Allows you to exchange heroes for a player from the opposing team.
  • You must replace # with the number of the player you want to trade with.

Final recommendations

The end of a game always represents the beginning of the next, more in games like Dota Underlords. Using this same premise, we could think that the end of this guide only gives rise to something else.

In this sense, that extra could be our recommendation to read about the tier list of Dota Underlords to find out which heroes can give you the advantage on the board.

Similarly, when it comes to Dota Underlords commands , it’s really important that you don’t overuse their services. This will cause your team’s performance to decrease and the game to slow down . That said, the only thing left for us to tell you is that it’s time to step out onto the battle board and prove who the Dota Underlords champion is.



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