Guild Wars 2 Commands – Updated 2023

Role-playing games like Guild Wars 2 are often some of the most attractive in the industry. This can be because of their story, characters or, simply and simply, because they represent a real challenge for users . But when his difficulty gets out of control, you can count on commands from Guild Wars 2 .

Although this may represent an offense to the romantics of the game. Believe us when we tell you that you are going to need them, at some point and here, at HDGamers we will show them to you.

How do I use the Guild Wars 2 commands?

To start putting these tricks to great use, all you have to do is this:

  • Open the chat window with the key you configured.
  • Write / before each command.
  • Step Enter to activate it.

 Guild Wars 2 builds

The Guild Wars 2

Now that you know a little more about how to use them, you are ready to discover all the Guild Wars 2 commands that will make your adventure a pleasure trip.

Channel activation commands

/ s or / say

  • You show a message to nearby characters.

/ g or / guild

  • Send a message to the guild.

/ p or / party

  • Send a message to the group.

/ d or / squad

  • Send a message to the squad.

/ t or / team

  • Send a message to your team in PvP Activities, WvW and Daily Activities.

/ m or / map

  • Send a message to all players in your current area or city.

/ w or / whisper

  • Send a private message to a player.

/ t or / tell

  • Send a private message to a specific player.

/ r or / reply

  • Send a private message to the last person who whispered to you.

 Guild Wars 2 builds

Social commands

/ friend<name>

  • Add a specific player to your contact list.

/ unfriend <name>

  • Remove a specific player from your contact list.

/ block or / ignore <name>

  • Prevent the specified player from contacting you in any way.

/ unblock or / unignore <name>

  • Remove a specific player from your block list.

/ lfg <on / off>

  • Activate or deactivate the “Search for group” function.

/ AFK [on / off]

  • Toggle “away” status.

/ invisible [on / off]

  • Toggle “Invisible” status in your contacts list.

 Guild Wars 2 builds

Group commands

/ invite <name>

  • Invite a specified player to join your party.

/ join <name>

  • Requests to join a specific player’s party.

/ squad join <commander name>

  • Joins the specified commander player’s squad.


  • Leave your current group of players.

/ kick <name>

  • Start a vote to expel a player from your match.


  • Leave your current squad of players.

 Guild Wars 2 builds

Query commands


  • Shows the amount of time in hours, minutes, and days that you have played Guild Wars 2.

/ rank

  • Drop a banner that will show your current PvP rank.

/ rank < # >

  • Drop a banner of a specified PvP rank.
  • Replace # with the range number.
  • You cannot discard a banner with a rank higher than the current level.


  • Will display this message in your chat window: You have died < x > times .

/ help or /?

  • Show suggestion menu


  • Shows the IP address of the server you are currently playing on.

/ support or / bug

  • Show the support menu.


  • Keeps a record of your position, used to report a problem you have encountered.

/ wiki < keyword >

    • Search the Guild Wars 2 wiki for the term you specified.


  • Open the Guild Wars 2 wiki in your web browser.


  • Show a commander a list of supplies carried by each member of his squad.


  • Shows the supply of nearby players.

Is there anything else I should know?

To answer this question, we can tell you that there is not much we need to add to what you already knew.

Just remember that you must always place the command as it is written . Likewise, it is worth recommending you review a little about the Guild Wars 2 builds.

They are a great complement to the commands of Guild Wars 2 . That said, it only remains to invite you to enjoy.

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