HotS Commands – Updated 2023

The challenging arenas of Heroes of the Storm await the birth of new warriors. Aspiring legends who are capable of dominating every aspect of their world, such as the HotS commandos for example.

If you really want to carve your name with golden letters in every corner of the battlefield, if you manage to learn how to manipulate each of these tricks you will have a much better chance of achieving it.

How are HotS commands used?

Therefore, the first thing you should learn to do about the HotS commands is how to activate them. At this point it is important to comment that you will not need too extensive programming knowledge.

No, you will not need to learn how to be a hacker to access them either – choosing this path can be quite problematic- So, in order to activate each and every one of the HotS commands, it will be enough to follow the steps that we will show you below :

  • The first thing you should do is enter the game.
  • After doing that, you will have to open the chat window with the key that you have configured for it.
  • Once inside it, you just have to write the HotS commands that we will show you later.
  • Finally, hit Enter to activate the cheat and start enjoying it.

HotS support builds

What are the HotS commands?

Now that you know how to enjoy these incredible HotS commands, it’s time to get to know each and every one of them.

From now on we will show you which cheats are available in the game as well as a short description of what they do. That said, it makes you comfortable because we’ve reached the most important point of our HotS command journey .


What does this command do?

  • Generate a reaction of joy in your character.


What does this command do?

  • Makes your character dance.


What does this command do?

  • Send your colleagues your location.

/reply o /r

What does this command do?

  • These commands will allow you to reply to the last message you received.

/ wo / whisper

What does this command do?

  • With these commands you can write a private message to a specific player.


What does this command do?

  • Thanks to this trick you will be able to know the time of the game.

/p o /party

What does this command do?

  • Use this command to indicate that you are looking to join a game.

/b o /block

What does this command do?

  • Use this simple trick to block a specific player.

Final Recommendations on Using HotS Commands

At HDGamers we seek, in each of our articles, to provide you with all the necessary tools to fully enjoy this knowledge.

Therefore, to reach your full potential with the HotS commands , always remember to put the / before typing each of them. On the other hand, it is extremely important that you do not constantly use this resource.

If you do, you will make your team lose dynamics and can get into a lot of problems in each game. Something that could represent certain defeat for your unit. Consequently, only use these tricks when necessary.

On the other hand, it will be quite practical for you to review some of the constructions that we have recommended, such as the offensive builds of HotS for example.

Consequently, HotS commands are a huge help when organizing your team during battle. But it will not always represent a sure victory. You will get that by training and developing each and every one of your skills. So, it’s time to step out onto the arenas of Heroes of the Storm and show your power.

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