Terraria Commands – Updated 2023

comandos de Terraria

They say that we should never judge a book or, as in this case, a video game by its cover. We can find cases like Terraria that continues to receive a good amount of high points in the gamer community. So it is interesting to do a little review of the Terraria commands .

After all, a game that is much more complex than its graphics show us, deserves to have all the possible weapons at your disposal.

What should I know before I know the Terraria commands?

To answer this question, we have to go into the context of what Terraria commands actually are. In this sense, we must start by telling you that they are a series of codes to administer a particular game server . Consequently, they only work when you are the administrator of one of them.

You may think they are not practical but believe us when we tell you that it is the best way to play Terraria . No, we are not exaggerating, it is a game that can become quite monotonous when you play it alone for a long time.

How do I use Terraria commands?

Now that you know a little about Terraria commands , we can dive right into the subject. To do this, it is time to talk about how they are used correctly.

As we told you in the previous segment, the most important thing about them is that they are only useful when you are inside a server. On the other hand, in order to activate them you must follow these complex and almost impossible steps:

  • Open the chat window by pressing the Enter key.
  • Write the code you want to use.
  • Press Enter again.
  • Enjoy.

Terraria commands

As you can see, it is not difficult to use these tricks to control the activity within your server. So, for moments, it only remains to show you what are the Terraria commands that will allow you to achieve that goal.


  • Show the list of players


  • Shut down the server and save the world.

exit nosave

  • Shut down the server without saving the world.

ban [player]

  • Ban a player from the server

password [pass]

  • Change password


  • Show game time


  • Change the time at sunrise


  • Change the weather at dusk


  • Settles all the water.


  • Allow your friends to join the server or set it to private if Steam is enabled.


  • Load a world and automatically start the server.


  • Set the port number

motd = [Please don’t cut the purple trees! ]

  • Set the server password

autocreate = [3]

  • Sets the folder where the world files will be stored

difficulty = [0]

  • Create a new world if none are found. The size of the world is specified by: 1 (small), 2 (medium), and 3 (large).

worldname = [World]

  • Sets the difficulty of the world when using auto-create. Options: 0 (normal), 1 (expert)

banlist = [banlist.txt]

  • Sets the world name when using auto-create

secure = [1]

  • The location of the banista list. The default is “banlist.txt” in the working directory.


  • Used to safely shut down the server ..


  • Used through the Web Interface Console to reload all plugins.


  • Used to write a headline about yourself.


  • Used to display a list of possible commands.

Whitelist add or remove

  • Used to add or remove players from the whitelist.


  • Gives an arbitrary player an item.

/ Give XYZ 1 torch

Give the player 1 torch, but you can also write instead of setting the item name on fire


  • Used for teleportation and can only be used in game.


  • Used to teleport a VYZ player to himself.


  • Used to restart the server.


  • Used to stop the server.

/ Annoy

  • Used to annoy other players.


  • Confusing is supposed to confuse the player.

/ Rocket

  • Has the effect of turning the player into a rocket. However, a registered account is required.

/ Firework

  • It only has the effect that a firework creates around the player.

/ Bloodmoon

  • Used to force a “blood moon”.

/ Buff

  • Can be used to give yourself a “buff” (eg invisibility).

/ Buffplayer

  • Allow a single player to give an upgrade.

/ Butcher

  • Used to kill all NPC players (bots) on the server.

/ Register

  • Used to create an account on the server.

/ Serverpassword

  • Used to change the server password.

/ eclipse or / bloodmoon

  • Used to force an “eclipse” on the server.

/ fullmoon or / bloodmoon

  • Used to force a “full moon” on the server.

/ godmode

  • Allows the player to regenerate the same amount of damage as the damage they take.

/ grow

  • Used to grow plants and trees.

/ Hardmode

  • Used to enable the highest level of difficulty on the server.

/ Home

  • Allows the player to teleport directly to the spawn.

/ Heal

  • It is used to heal completely.

/ Invade

  • Used to initiate an invasion of the server.


  • Indicates a specific configuration file to use


  • Set the server’s message of the day


  • Add cheat protection


  • Turn off the universal plug and the game


  • Add Steam support

Note: Only for those who downloaded it through the Steam platform

lobby or

  • Determine if friends can join the server


  • Clear the console window


  • Kick someone off the server


  • Show version number


  • Send a message to all players with yellow text from the server name


  • Set the time to 12:00 PM


  • Set the time to 12:00 AM

/ Kill XYZ

  • It is used to kill another player and you have to replace XYZ with the player’s name on the server.

/ Mute or / Unmute

  • Used to mute a player or allow him to type again.

/ Rain

  • Used to turn the rain on or off on the server.

“/ stats

  • Used to find more detailed information about the server.

“/ slap

  • Used to hit another player.


  • It is used to generate an outgoing on the server.

/ spawnmob

  • Used to spawn a hostile creature.

/ spawnrate

  • Used to adjust the speed of the spawns.

/ whisper (short / w)

  • Enabled is used to write a private message to another player.

/ reply (short / r)

  • Enabled is used to reply to the private message.

/ setspawn

  • When activated, it is used to set the server’s spawn.

/ forcexmas

  • Used to enable / disable “Christmas mode” on the server.

Last tip about Terraria commands

To tell the truth, the only thing left to say about the Terraria commands is that you remember, at all times, the conditions that they require in order to function properly.

In case you decide to use them in a solo mode, you can do it without problems. Likewise, it is worth telling you that they are valid for any version of the game in which you use them.

Finally, we recommend that you review the best Terraria builds so that you do not have no problem assembling your character. Something that, in short, will always be the fundamental task of any game within the fascinating universe that Terraria. represents.

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