The Division 2 Commands – Updated 2023

Shooter games, like The Division 2, are one of the most popular genres in the entire gamer world. After all, what is a player without the instinct for competition? That hunger to win and control everything on the battlefield can be satisfied with the commands of The Division 2.

With them you will be the true master of combat and, at the same time, enjoy incredible games and epic battles in the company of your friends.

How do I install the division 2 commands?

If you are really interested in enjoying these great battles using The Division 2 commands as an important ally, let us give you the necessary guidance.

  • First of all, you must learn how to use them properly and for this, you just have to follow these simple steps:
  • Once inside the game, open the chat window with the key that you have destined for it. By default, it is Enter.
  • When it’s activated, you just have to type the command you want to use.
  • To finish and start enjoying it, hit Enter again.

The Division 2

What do the division 2 commands bring?

As you may have noticed, using The Division 2 commands is really easy. But you wonder what are these tricks? The answer is right around the corner.

Or rather, further down in the text since, from now on, we will show you all the commands of The Division 2 so that you can control your game like a true mastermind of military tactics.

Chat command list


  • Switch between chat channels.


  • Show all emote chat commands.

/ co / clan      

  • Send a message to your clan.

/ clan invite   

  • Send an invitation to your clan.


  • Decline an invitation.


  • Exposes available emote commands.

/go /group   

  • Send a message to your group.


  • Inspect the player’s equipment and build.


  • Send an invite to a player.


  • Send an invitation.


  • Kick a player from the group.


  • Send a message to the group leader.


  • Leave the group.


  • Log out of the game.


  • Mute text chat.


  • Show muted players.


  • Close the game.

/r o /reply     

  • Reply to a whispered message.


  • Report a player.

/s o /say        

  • Send a public message to the players of your vicinit.


  • Reactivate text message in chat.

/ wo / whisper          

  • Send a private message to a specific player.

/wr o /world 

  • Send a public chat.

The Division 2 Obtain Ivory Keys

Emotes command list

  • /clap.
  • /exercise.
  • /help.
  • /hold.
  • /rockpaperscissor.
  • /health.
  • /selfie.
  • /surrender.
  • /then.
  • /awesome.
  • / banddance.
  • /cakes.
  • /celebrate.
  • /charades.
  • /clap.
  • /clueless.
  • /country aplante.
  • /crybaby.
  • /discodance.
  • /drama /excited.
  • /exercise.
  • /out of print.
  • /fishing.
  • /flex.
  • /glitter.
  • /help.
  • /highfive.
  • /hold.
  • /dressing.
  • /iloveyou.
  • /impatient.
  • /Kiss.
  • /littledance.
  • /Macarena.
  • /I.
  • /plane.
  • / popknuckles.
  • /pump.
  • / rockandroll.
  • /schuhplattler.
  • /scout.
  • /shame
  • /showoff.
  • /shush.
  • /slowclap.
  • /square
  • /stop.
  • /swingdance.
  • / tapdance.
  • /thanks.
  • /timeout.
  • /twist.
  • /then.
  • /yawn.

Is there one last tip on the Division 2 commandos?

At this point you are ready to use these commands in each game; however, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra information for the battle.

So, the first advice we can give you is to remember that these cheats are only available for the computer version of the game. It is also worth remembering that in some of the commands, you will have to specify the name or identification of the player on which it will be applied.

Another important aspect that we can highlight is that certain emotes will have to be unlocked before using them from the chat command. Finally, don’t forget to review the The Division 2 tier list to learn more about this incredible game.

All that said, we hope you enjoy all these The Division 2 commands and can enjoy games that are as competitive as they are exciting.

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