Anime Rifts Trello Link & Wiki (Guide)

Anime Rifts Trello Link & Wiki

Anime Rifts is a Roblox game published by Adventures Unleashed that features characters from the popular anime series Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more. You will use the abilities of these anime characters to crush your adversaries.

Trello Link for Anime Rifts

Anime Rifts Trello Wiki

If you are a fan of the Adventures Unleashed game and want to get the most out of it, we strongly suggest you check their Trello (see above), as it is the most comprehensive wiki available, it is official, and it is updated after every game update. It is highly recommended.

All About Anime Rifts

In the introductory sections of this guide, you will find information for your initial steps in the game: Gameplay, Controls, Attributes, Rarities, Shenron, Arrows, Requiem Arrows, Legendary Armor, Legendary Movesets, Mythical Movesets, Time Rifts, Bosses, Armor, Enchantments, Races, Traits, Classes, Ideas (you can vote on them), and future additions.

And the good stuff begins in the following sections: Classes, Races, Specializations, Enchantments, and Traits. Common Movesets, Rare Movesets, Epic Movesets, Legendary Movesets, Mythical Movesets, Bosses, NPCs, Armor, Timer Rifts, Races, Specializations, Enchantments, and Traits. Each element in each section contains all the necessary information: Locations, prerequisites, bonuses, and steps to take.

Important Trello FAQs

  • This is an alternative DBZ game in which we test out new concepts. Removing features such as ki charging, flight, etc., as their addition locks the game into a predetermined gameplay path.
  • You can discover new Combos, Builds, Races with advancement, Items, and much more within this game. With the vast array of in-game and upcoming abilities, the number of possible combos is practically limitless.
  • Build your character into a formidable opponent. As you and your allies desperately attempt to defeat the Time-Altered Rifts, formidable foes lurk just behind these perilous happenings. Whatever you accomplish, it is your tale to tell.
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