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One of the most well-known anime and manga series now airing is JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure. The popular anime was the inspiration for the Roblox game A Universal Time (AUT). It is a fighting game with RPG components that also honors the origins of the anime. It’s a fantastic game with some visually stunning graphics.

The creators of the Roblox games have a unique method for keeping their player base engaged. When a Roblox game is released, its producers create Trello pages for it and post all the pertinent information on those sites. AUT is no exception, so we will provide a link to its official Trello Page in this tutorial.

There is a wealth of game-related material on AUT’s Trello board. What it is, who the characters are, what the tale is, and what gaming mechanics are available. The Trello page for the game is a great resource for game information.

Roblox An arbitrary time (AUT)

An RPG-style combat game called A Universal Time (AUT) is based on the highly regarded anime and manga series Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure. The game’s rounds capture the spirit of the anime and manga series and give players a very enthralling experience.

AUT Trello & Wiki

The makers of the majority of Roblox games created an official Trello that covers every facet of the game and helps players learn its fundamentals better than a WIKI could. Time [A Universal Time] Trello & Wiki are also offered by AUT.


AUT [A Universal Time] Trello & Wiki includes all the information you need to know about bosses, the economy, farming, NPCs, stands, Requiem, U-Coins, and maps, among other topics.

AUT Trello & Wiki Link

[A Universal Time]  AUT Trello & Wiki are now accessible. Here’s the link:

AUT Wiki:

Discontinued one:

Universal Ability Guide

The skills you release when you take a stand are different from Universal Abilities. You might wonder why you can activate a universal power without taking a position. Because of the anime that served as inspiration for this game’s character, the ability to speak comes from the character itself.


The primary in-game currency is called U-Coin, and it can be used to purchase goods or carry out certain objectives. U-coins can be obtained by winning battles with other players, and bosses, opening treasure boxes, etc.

Where Can You Get Arrow Meteorite?

In the game, a meteor hits near the settlement in the mountains at random times every X5 minutes. On the other hand, close to the beach, it may also crash. You can interact with it to get an arrow to stand. You have a 1% chance of getting the “Meteor Effect,” which will turn your entire screen a purple-to-pink color.

Where Can You Find Treasure Chests?

Around the map, the areas where the treasure chests spawn are predefined. After X2 to X5 minutes, they respawn in the same location as before.

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