Bendy and The Ink Machine: Chapter 3 Full Walkthrough

Once Chapter Three of Bendy and The Ink Machine starts, you wake up in the “Safehouse”. This is where Boris lives. To Exit, you must find the Lever to open the door and exit the Safehouse. Apperently, its not that easy, you must find three different Bacon Soup cans for him to give you the lever.

Looking for a way out with Boris, another disfigured version of one of the cartoons, Alice Angel, catches you, but then forgives you in exchange for doing some “errands”, such as bringing some ink hearts.

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Doing one of them, you discover a room in which there are a lot of mutilated clones of Boris and the disfigured Carnicera Gang, and Alice explains that he killed them to be beautiful again. At the end of all errands, you return to the elevator, but Alice breaks it and captures Boris.

The Locations of Bacon Soup are:

  • Boris’s Chest

Boris’s Chest

  • Barrel
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  • Shelf


Once you have all of the soup cans, pour them into the canister and wait. Once its finished, pick it up and give it to boris. He’ll give you a small toolbox with the lever inside of it.

Exit the Safehouse and Continue forward. Eventually, you will reach a dark corridor. Get the flashlight on the table and continue. Once you get to the end, your…At the end i guess..? More descriptive: A dead end. Ask boris for help and he will take the flashlight and enter the vents, eventually opening the gate in front of you. You’ll find yourself at the “Heavenly Toys” Center. Get to the toy machine control area and you find yourself with, yet again – Something blocking the door.

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Press the lever in front of the entrance to the toy machine control room, start the toy machine and remove all Plush body parts from the fans. Once you have done that, press the lever enough times to open the entrance to the door. Before doing that, you have an opportunity to enter a small area, with a bowl with ink forming into a shape of things and an Audio Log.

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The audio log contains JackSepticeyes voice. What a suprise! Once you enter the room that was blocked, you find yourself in an Alice Angel room. Then the lights shut off. Alice starts to sing. Wait a little bit, then…

Jumpscare – Chapter 3 Rise and fall

Walk down the stairs into the area with a sign, with two paths. One Way is the Path of the Demon. The other is the Path of the Angel. You can find each path in a different section! Just Scroll Down. This part will continue from the end of those paths.

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Walk down the Long and not very suspicous hallway and Boom! Another jumpscare. Find out who it was by being brave enough to walk towards it. And it was…Boris..? Take the Pipe Gent from boris and continue forward in the inky dark room. Continue forward and find an area with two levers required to open a door. If you like jumpscares, then dash to your lever to find a jumpscare from.. Wait, who is that?

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Just wait a sec, lemme check the wiki.. Piper is his name. Really scary, anyways, whack that weirdo down an pull the lever quick! Once you have done that, run through the dark hallways and go down the elevator, to meet alice’s voice. Looks like you have a date with an Angel!

Walk to her door in Level 9 and wait till her door opens. Run through (With Boris running faster.) the hallway and meet about a BILLION Boris clones and Pipers, Strikers and Fishers. Don’t worry, there arent any jumpscares. Meet Alice by the end of the room and get ready to listen to an essay. Once she finishes explaining, run back to her door and do what she says.

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The Angels To do

  • Spare Parts
    Find all of Alice’s Gears.

  • Feeling the Pressure
    Solve all Valve Panels

  • Anger Management
    Destroy all Bendy Cutouts

  • Ultimate Stomache
    Hunt down all Swollen Searchers

  • Front Lines
    Kill the Butcher Gang

  • Darker Places
    Survive the Ink Abyss

Each Task will grant an Achievement.

Once you have completed ALL of the tasks, walk back to the elevator and Go home.

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