Cheats List: Pokemon Fire Red

Let the first stone be cast by anyone who has never used a cheat to evolve their Pokémon. If you play the version for Game Boy Advance, here we bring you all the cheats Pokemon fire red recentlly updated.

Make life easier for your trainer with these keys, you can get, for example, additional rare candies to quickly advance your Charmander to Charizard or your Psyduck to Golduck. Of course, if you want to go a little further, we will give you the codes to catch any of the 386 Pokemon in the game.

An extremely important fact is that you must remember to save the game before using Game Shark to activate the codes. If you forget to save, you may lose all the progress accumulated to date.

Master Codes for Pokemon Fire Red

You will need to enter this master code to use any of the cheats  that are listed.

  • 000077CA 000A
  • 1004448C 0007

We will specify you beforehand in case some cheats does not require the use of the master code.

Cheats for Rare Candy, Master Ball and Money

Pokemon Fire Red MASTER BALL INFINITE Cheats

These codes are the most used, for this reason we decided to place them in a separate and first list, that you enjoy them.

Code effect Cheat code
Rare Candy (No Master Code) 820258400044
Get infinite Master Balls 8202595c 0001
8202595e 0063
Quick level up 82023D50 270F
You will be able to pass through walls
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4
Get infinite money 82025838104E
Buy what you want for $ 1
3C25A344 FD8F451C
AD86124F 2823D8DA
Infinite Master Balls on PC 82025840 0001
Infinite rare candies on PC 82025840 0044
Eliminate the wing battles. A202166EFF00
You will go anywhere 42026592FFFF
You will win all the Pokeballs 420259D80001
Get all the berries 42025AF40085
You will gain 5 thousand experience 7300218C0001
You will gain a thousand experience 7300218C0001
Get all HMs 42025A0C0153
Get all TMs 42025A2C0121
Wild Pokémon will be level 100 927366193cae
Level up in DayCare 820285B0FFFF
Get Free DayCare 820370C20000
Pokémon eggs will hatch quickly. 3202864200FE
The Pokémon in the eggs will all be male. 320286400016
The Pokémon in the eggs will all be female. 20286400093
Safari time will never run out. 820399960258
Infinite Pokeballs on safari. 820399940063
Safari Pokémon will be easy to catch. 72023D749A3C
All Pokemon will be easy to catch. 72023D749A30
Get all the Pokédex badges 8202658CFFFF
National Dex activated 3202461F00B9
Get a complete Pokédex 4202462CFFFF
All items will be infinite. 420258420063
Get infinite PP 42023C086363
Will reset the game time 20002
You will stop the game time 320246160000

Maximum Pokémon Status

Take all the status of your Pokémon to the maximum level with the following codes. They will be applied depending on the order in which you have your Pokémon arranged in their corresponding spaces.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats POKEMON STATUS

Code effect Comand
1st Pokémon 20242DA03E7
2nd Pokémon 4202433E03E7
3rd Pokémon 420243A203E7
4th Pokémon 4202440603E7
5th Pokémon 4202446A03E7
6th Pokémon 420244CE03E7

Codes for infinite items

The first thing you need to do is apply the code for “Infinite Items” that is in the previous list, don’t forget to use the master code.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats ITEMS

In the codes you must replace the section “xxx” with the name of the item to which you want to apply the trick.

For example: 82025840 000D “000D” It would be the code for the item “Potion”. This would be the codes to modify Item in Slot 1.

  • PC Modify Item in Slot 1: 82025840 xxxx
  • PC Modify Item in Slot 2: 82025844 xxxx
  • PC Modify Item in Slot 3: 82025848 xxxx
  • PC Modify Item in Slot 4: 8202584C xxxx
  • PC Modify Item in Slot 5: 82025850 xxxx

Items for recovery of life or status

The following codes will grant you the Items described.

Item Code
Get “Potion” 000D
Get “Max Potion” 14
Get “Hyper Potion” 15
Get “Super Po” 16
Get “Full Restore” 13
Get “Antidote” 000E
Get “Burn Heal” 000F
Get “Ice Heal” 10
Get “Awakening” 11
Get “Parlyz Heal” 12
Get “Full Heal” 17
Get “Revive” 18
Get “Max Revive” 19
Get “Fresh Water” 001A
Get “Soda Pop” 001B
Get “Lemonada” 001C
Get “Moomoo Milk” 001D
Get “Energypowder” 001E
Obtain “Energy Root” 001F
Get “Heal Powder” 20
Get “Revival Herb” 21
Get “Ether” 22
Get “Max Ether” 23
Get “Elixir” 24
Get “Max Elixir” 25
Get “Lava Cookie” 26
Get “Fruit Juice” 002C
Get “Sacred Ash” 002D

Item Codes to increase skill

Each key will give you only one of the following items, but you can use them repeatedly.

Item Name Code
Get “Protein” 40
Get “Iron” 41
Get “Carbos” 42
Get “Calcium” 43
Get “Rare Candy” 44
Get “PP Up” 45
Get “Zinc” 46
Get “PP Max” 47
Get “Guard Spec” 49
Get “Dire Hit” 004A
Get “X Attack” 004B
Get “X Defend” 004C
Get “X Speed” 004D
Get “X Accuracy” 004E
Get “X Special” 004F

Items for Pokémon

These are all item codes that your Pokémon can hold, some decorative, others more useful.

Item Code
Get “Red scarf” 00FE
Get “Blue scarf” 00FF
Get “Pink scarf” 100
Get “Green scarf” 101
Get “Yellow scarf” 102
Get “King’s Rock” 00BB
Get “Silverpowder” 00BC
Get “Amulet Coin” 00BD
Get “Clean Tag” 00BE
Get “Soul Dew” 00BF
Get “Deepseatooth” 00C0
Get “Deepseascale” 00C1
Get “Smoke Ball” 00C2
Get “Everstone” 00C3
Get “Focus Band” 00C4
Get “Lucky Egg” 00C5
Get “Scope Lens” 00C6
Get “Metal Coat” 00C7
Get “Leftovers” 00C8
Get “Dragon Scale” 00C9
Get “Light Ball” 00CA
Get “Soft Sand” 00CB
Get “Hard Stone” 00CC
Get “Miracle Seed” 00CD
Get “Black Lenses” 00CE
Get “Black Bell” 00CF
Get “Magneto” 00D0
Obtain “Mystic Water” 00D1
Get “Sharp Beak” 00D2
Get “Poison Barb” 00D3
Get “Nevermeltice” 00D4
Get “Spell Tag” 00D5
Get “Twistedspoon” 00D6
Get “Snail” 00D7
Get “Dragon Fang” 00D8
Get “Skill Scarf” 00D9
Get “Up-Grade” 00DA
Get “Shell Bell” 00DB
Get “Sea Incense” 00DC
Get “Lax Incense” 00DD
Get “Lucky Punch2 00DE
Get “Metal Powder” 00DF
Get “Thick Club” 0,00E+00
Get “Stick” 0,00E+00
Get “Brightpowder” 00B3
Get “White Grass” 00B4
Get “Macho Brace” 00B5
Get “Exp. Share ” 00B6
Get “Quick Claw” 00B7
Get “Soothe Bell” 00B8
Get “Mental Herb” 00B69
Get “Choice Band” 00BA

Mail items

Item Code
Mail orange 79
Harbor Mail 007A
Gliter Mail 007B
Mech Mail 007C
Wooden post 007D
Honda Mail 007E
Bed Mail 007F
Shadow Mail 80
Tropic mail 81
Sleep mail. 82
Fab Mail 83
Retro mail 84

Miscellaneous items

Item Code
Get ” Blue Flute” 27
Get “Yellow Flute” 28
Get “Red Flute” 29
Get “Black Flute” 002A
Get “White Flute” 002B
Get “Yellow Flute” 002E
Get “Shoal Shell” 002F
Get “Red Helmet” 30
Get “Blue Helmet” 31
Get “Yellow helmet” 32
Get “Green Helmet” 33
Get “Little Mushroom” 67
Get “Big Mushroom” 68
Get “Small Pearl” 006A
Get “Big Pearl” 006B
Get “Startlust” 006C
Get “Star Piece” 006D
Get “Nugge” t 006E
Get “Heart Scale” 78
Get “Poke doll” 50
Get “Fluffy Tail” 52
Get “Super Repellent” 53
Get “Max Repellent” 54
Get “Escape Rope” 55
Get “Repellent” 005C

Codes for Evolution Stones

Pokemon Fire Red tricks for evolution stones

Item Code
Stone of the sun 005D
Moonstone 005E
Fire Stone 005F
Thunder Stone 60
Water stone 61
Leaf stone 62

Codes for key elements

Pokemon Fire Red tricks bicycle items

Item Code
Bike 103
Save Coins 104
Item finder 105
Old rod 106
Good rod 107
Super Rod 108
S.S. Ticket 109
Contest pass 010A
Wailmer’s cube 010C
Devon Goods 010D
Bag of soot 010E
Basement key 010F
Stunt bike 110
PokeBlock Box 111
Letter 112
Eon Ticket 113
Red Orb 114
Blue Orb 115
Escaner 116
Go-Goggles 117
Meteorite 118
Rm. 1 Key 119
Rm. 2 Key 011A
Rm. 4 Key 011B
Rm. 6 Key 011C
Deposit key 011D
Fossilized root 011E
Fossil Claw 011F
“Devon Scope” 120
Plot of pines 015D
Poke flute 015E
Secret key 015F
Vouche Bicycle 160
Gold tooth 161
“Old Amber” 162
Card key 163
“Lift Ke” 164
Helix Fosil 165
Dome Fosil 166
“Silph Scope” 167
Normal bicycle 168
Town map 1069
“VS search engine” 016A
Fame Checker 016B
TM box 016C
Bag of fruits 016D
Teachy TV 016E
Triple pass 016F
Rainbow Pass 170
Tea 171
MysticTicket 172
AuroraTicket 173
Jar of seasoning 174
Rubí 175
Sapphire 176

Cheats to catch Pokémon

To obtain any Pokémon you will need to combine two codes, the code depending on the number of the Pokémon and the code of the Pokémon itself.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Pokémon from 1 to 250 have a different code than those from 251 onwards, that is where the difference lies.

You can use this code for those from 1 to 250: 17543C48 E65E0B97

For those 250 onwards you should use this other:

  • 8C050415 EB447C7A
  • AD86124F 2823D8DA
  • A0CCA92E 61571E3B
  • E2302908 64FD3288
  • 25AF3162 06D16963

Finally, place the code of the Pokémon you want to capture, here we leave you the list.

Example: 17543C48 E65E0B97 (Code for Pokemon from 1 to 250) + AD86124F 2823D8DA (Code to obtain Bulbasaur)

17543C48 E65E0B97AD86124F 2823D8DA

List of Pokémon codes


1. Bulbasaur: AD86124F 2823D8DA

2. Ivysaur: AB84463B B2609644

3. Venusaur: 3542F0A7 7D2E171F

4. Charmander: DB8C60CD 81FD6AA7

5. Charmeleon: 08506D61 55CBD9A8

6. Charizard: A56395D2 8AF46857

7. Squirtle: BCDCB406 2F2FD763

8. Wartortle: 268349C8 63FF53CE

9. Blastoise: 5FD24ABC 1FE3296A

10. Caterpie: 358CC2BF 9BFA3518

11. Metapod: DC725D4E 3A20792F

12. Butterfree: 33EFFB7C E1794F5B

13. Weedle: 9A86D92A 635F8DBC

14. Kakuna: CCEC9F6E 5A2A0F12

15. Beedrill: F3D99280 49F4EEDC

16. Pidgey: 139BBA32 2DC356C8

17. Pidgeotto: 2F7B0F2F 257173EA

18. Pidgeot: 13659B39 95BD80E5

19. Rattata: E5C49E22 47B157F2

20. Raticate: 60C9DC15 1AD9B226

21. Spearow: 2F5D7856 A5F7B4AE

22. Fearow: 23689847 DA918B8D

23. Ekans: A5BA4CFA CA5D771C

24. Arbok: B75D69F0 7C3B3103

25. Pikachu: 9D4A1BFF 05120D39

26. Raichu: CE7B779B AE493550

27. Sandshrew: 7DFC4CBD 20BB83B6

28. Sandslash: CFC711B9 0585971F

29. Nidoran(F): B6450111 C65005BC

30. Nidorina: 0BA329E0 CEB39484

31. Nidoqueen: C3B010F5 6DB0ED0E

32. Nidoran(M): A38262A2 825F8CF0

33. Nidorino: 33D5E08A 037AB9C4

34. Nidoking: 82E3DD4B EBFEF864

35. Clefairy: E8EAB84F 26C8AB6B

36. Clefable: D15755D8 AF5BE6F1

37. Vulpix: 276AF592 A3A635CC

38. Ninetales: 27B815E0 B8CCC2DA

39. Jigglypuff: B18AC7E0 E667A184

40. Wigglytuff: 7CEDC4CF F95C5521

41. Zubat: 47596727 51BB292A

42. Golbat: FF3A0DD1 DF54EB13

43. Oddish: EF723724 F31E5F64

44. Gloom: A386B043 9DEB5064

45. Vileplume: 4A2748A4 F888F1C9

46. Paras: EAD30258 3988D84F

47. Parasect: 74CFC9E9 82CD278E

48. Venonat: 0CC56D24 C9F5A33A

49. Venomoth: DFDFFF0A 8919BB28

50. Diglett: BA7199EC 664F9418

51. Dugtrio: BCC0FB44 1A047D3C

52. Meowth: 5F38FD3F 5D7412A3

53. Persian: 0BEC25D3 787468AE

54. Psyduck: 70CEC019 12F0A7B0

55. Golduck: 32E8BC37 7712CF08

56. Mankey: DAAB0C35 55611812

57. Primeape: B82FBCB6 C954F4ED

58. Growlithe: CD7047AB 42D861F2

59. Arcanine: 3099D33C 49E66A04

60. Poliwag: AF0908F3 650FE1BD

61. Poliwhirl: C29C3277 063E67E9

62. Poliwrath: 8DC834CF BFECCA56

63. Abra: 5738CFE5 515C61CF

64. Kadabra: 67CA1286 0E3A5D83

65. Alakazam: C91954D9 68AAD246

66. Machop: 8AD2C8BB EB3D7A39

67. Machoke: 95EFD5EA DD857E98

68. Machamp: 3BF5B7C4 061AAA45

69. Bellsprout: CF2E3B09 3B30426E

70. Weepinbell: 0030C455 4F43BB12

71. Victreebel: 1DF3B8CA DC70EC58

72. Tentacool: 65C4E9C5 24CA1894

73. Tentacruel: 51DDE51A 00DE2CE3

74. Geodude: 399F7170 D519951E

75. Graveler: DDF655E3 9BDEE49C

76. Golem: 103F567C 2F1A9043

77. Ponyta: 877A6953 8F6209F2

78. Rapidash: 195BAD3F C840CA28

79. Slowpoke: 4CEC5478 ACBC593C

80. Slowbro: FE7C44DB 7672B1D8

81. Magnemite: 3C17AEA9 5DC9D705

82. Magneton: B8BD13C5 E3E7D9B3

83. Farfetchd: 9121060C 74B908E0

84. Doduo: 920BE3C7 3E00359C

85. Dodrio: 02258041 19ABFE29

86. Seel: 8EC19A12 FD47B55F

87. Dewgong: E18D1069 1053E30C

88. Grimer: EB7F9C3F DB3192F5

89. Muk: 729160A9 F8F73577

90. Shellder: 92A2030E 24F19E86

91. Cloyster: FB078533 1A99C72A

92. Gastly: 99B8A848 91759EFF

93. Haunter: 7F14537B 6C00E975

94. Gengar: BA9A9758 4221EBF4

95. Onix: 54D9A0DB 68FC768F

96. Drowzee: C5C4BBBB 55B1B77F

97. Hypno: F4BB6321 8E9265DB

98. Krabby: D83FACC2 7D31E557

99. Kingler: FF0F431F 400EF220

100. Voltorb: ABD2C0C0 FBC68A93

101. Electrode: 0C2333CD 141730A7

102. Exeggcute: 8D2F9E72 8719250B

103. Exeggutor: 744AF614 12D8281B

104. Cubone: D9E3884F 37500E3F

105. Marowak: CB4A8BD1 1D028DA2

106. Hitmonlee: 9EDB950D 454533E5

107. Hitmonchan: 3535FA3A EBECD355

108. Lickitung: F582757C 16122B78

109. Koffing: BF93F87F BC1AB791

110. Weezing: D966DA15 88BBB73A

111. Rhyhorn: 7DA9C8C7 8549C3D4

112. Rhydon: 9071D41E 55259C19

113. Chansey: AD38C4DB B5EBB8A7

114. Tangela: 100D1518 466A2D06

115. Kangaskhan: 8F4BE409 7110788B

116. Horsea: 02401CFF F2742052

117. Seadra: B0160E28 ED6B68EC

118. Goldeen: 29061002 69BB68FF

119. Seaking: 676505B9 904C9DE3

120. Staryu: D7D9A00C 7BFB7AAC

121. Starmie: 0E2752FA 51091446

122. Mr.Mime: 0922D9A2 C1E680BA

123. Scyther: 28BEFBB3 68DE4569

124. Jynx: FB0FC84E D45216CF

125. Electabuzz: 1E6DE7CB DDDBAD78

126. Magmar: C644F8D1 4159A2D6

127. Pinsir: AEFBB853 03F4B721

128. Tauros: 1D5557F2 FACC2BA7

129. Magikarp: 04658924 E67574E2

130. Gyarados: 56156F0A D2F071F2

131. Lapras: 483AC796 E3850B8F

132. Ditto: 3613AA25 2CC1B172

133. Eevee: 4B78A144 F02E1187

134. Vaporeon: D82AEDF5 F23B27A4

135. Jolteon: 1850F0B1 AAFB142F

136. Flareon: AB622741 B3F84F8B

137. Porygon: 6EE60CB5 746DFF03

138. Omanyte: 1DBD6215 4FD65295

139. Omastar: 23F20EC6 1368F543

140. Kabuto: 32A2B3E0 40DB80D9

141. Kabutops: 2058318E 392B7EE5

142. Aerodactyl: C44B6463 DB3237C3

143. Snorlax: E9ADF485 15BE8FA7

144. Articuno: D7B594AF C1DA18AB

145. Zapdos: 83E25054 9C927E5E

146. Moltres: F8DEC3CC A014B094

147. Dratini: 47C69D5D 1AA59D6D

148. Dragonair: 8B3A1FF0 A3C0E786

149. Dragonite: 796E6824 2B208DD5

150. Mewtwo: 4C77BA3F CA4EDCB6

151. Mew: B751BDF4 95CEF4CC


152. Chikorita: 539C7E13 DD795F72

153. Bayleef: 39D823E3 9EB6C9AA

154. Meganium: A2F7F837 7F974DEB

155. Cyndaquil: E4995046 3D00BF91

156. Quilava: B9CCC7BB D4C29E22

157. Typhlosion: B5592578 FBB9A4ED

158. Totodile: 6699EF70 D7B03D43

159. Croconaw: 33C5C90B D46AD9DC

160. Feraligatr: E1F0FEFA D0036CD4

161. Sentret: 6C2D5D5E 008A751F

162. Furret: 2B34A3C7 A829209F

163. Hoothoot: B33DAC5B 29EB7EB5

164. Noctowl: 8E0B9473 A4AE2B53

165. Ledyba: 5F2FD32D 941693B4

166. Ledian: 1CD7078F A7384A34

167. Spinarak: BF975E40 430B4806

168. Ariados: F3D55605 74AE5C52

169. Crobat: 56FC2792 3AEFE3F9

170. Chinchou: D70D1018 A021245F

171. Lanturn: 2D2CC458 21BDD10C

172. Pichu: 90AECEE5 A888F8AE

173. Cleffa: 08C2447D 2096B6AE

174. Igglybuff: D7F35EE0 D224ECDE

175. Togepi: 82269FC8 9579FD5A

176. Togetic: E3581C9B AE652F9A

177. Natu: B635603F B1E81481

178. Xatu: 459823AE 3F1683A4

179. Mareep: 0783E965 C5165BF8

180. Flaaffy: F510A285 5288E291

181. Ampharos: 3CE54322 74A86618

182. Bellossom: F0088391 0C65D5E3

183. Marill: 51EB125F EAA0FCBE

184. Azumarill: E832EF37 64D0E6A2

185. Sudowoodo: DDA1AC43 4A067FAE

186. Politoed: 5C6CD179 E18C31EF

187. Hoppip: B1BC8307 69EF9C2C

188. Skiploom: E32EA0FE CB37FF3B

189. Jumpluff: C03FCFEF 84CB37BA

190. Aipom: A45DFE4F F27A9D8D

191. Sunkern: 165C689B AF94A177

192. Sunflora: 36838BE7 E5367C3A

193. Yanma: E500846E 9A4FF5C7

194. Wooper: 6F071CA9 63FF4902

195. Quagsire: 67375392 E7F55C24

196. Espeon: EF8A105C 72CEF63E

197. Umbreon: EF708FD1 C5E8B000

198. Murkrow: 98F8C8F7 EEA657B9

199. Slowking: 43D2617C C2F14DFB

200. Misdreavus: 2E5E5AEB 22EBF9FF

201. Unown: 10998FB0 656B5C99

202. Wobbuffet: EC4EB940 2C63CA65

203. Girafarig: 41377A90 E36247DE

204. Pineco: 43C3A9BF 477AF067

205. Forretress: 55815067 03B03952

206. Dunsparce: 4F8D48EA 9336834B

207. Gligar: 729F34AB 5B1018D0

208. Steelix: 1FE62E14 130CD2F8

209. Snubbull: 77C7197D 502B8B56

210. Granbull: CF223304 929E964E

211. Qwilfish: C9551136 F45B0236

212. Scizor: F8D4BFAE D2C136F5

213. Shuckle: A94D8CB8 560257D4

214. Heracross: 779D6EBF 3139EFF6

215. Sneasel: C21BA23A 95AB64BD

216. Teddiursa: EDEB2FF0 88466B79

217. Ursaring: 2607FA8F 4BF940FA

218. Slugma: E2899947 9269834F

219. Magcargo: A58E1198 6E004BAD

220. Swinub: F949DADD BBC8B5CD

221. Piloswine: AA68D49C B33C8972

222. Corsola: DDEFF53A EC57A23F

223. Remoraid: A67D580A B44A4DF4

224. Octillery: 78BA5E9D BA836EEB

225. Delibird: BC1FE4EC 9F1818A1

226. Mantine: 3AF8DB31 042E9DF9

227. Skarmory: 92DE3CD4 65C14106

228. Houndour: CABF0A0B B0E620D3

229. Houndoom: D8D99C49 B49D47DC

230. Kingdra: 2B185541 DB13ACF6

231. Phanpy: CBCB02D6 C41FE3F4

232. Donphan: B8A6C516 12ECADE5

233. Porygon2: 04EA10C3 8DB0146F

234. Stantler: 9C0B5F02 A2857BBC

235. Smeargle: 49D7E467 103D0D48

236. Tyrogue: 3D2030E2 B2A0CACE

237. Hitmontop: A357C435 8BC380D1

238. Smoochum: 8C287F7F E3950A6E

239. Elekid: A78E8FFA EDB5DA5C

240. Magby: D77AEB51 E63292DB

241. Miltank: 1A55F1D1 2FCDADEA

242. Blissey: 01EA07BF 793C86F2

243. Raikou: 43FF33D1 F368CDE6

244. Entei: 0C8037A6 BE1D9DB2

245. Suicune: 80755BDB E392B806

246. Larvitar: 2C8E4296 84D8D6E3

247. Pupitar: 8418E051 5C53CE38

248. Tyranitar: 32D66B09 40354103

249. Lugia: 545C676A 51FFDC1C

250. Ho-oh: 437065EF 67DF37EF

251. Celebi: 4AEC27E8 A5FF1540


252. Treecko: D9FE5FBF B09F0205

253. Grovyle: 1AA369E5 72BBA287

254. Sceptile: 673752FC D4065FA8

255. Torchic: 2F22FB72 D5887213

256. Combusken: 136BD0D6 606187D2

257. Blaziken: FCEF6F25 3905588C

258. Mudkip: A72262EA 7F7FD464

259 . Marshtomp: 8EED2DB5 964D67F8

260 . Swampert: 1A6BE162 4481A843

261. Poochyena: 7A1769D1 40699C90

262. Mightyena: 4B9FB849 14A5AA94

263. Zigzagoon: F1F00B1F F5B3721A

264. Linoone: EF31EC55 1417DEC6

265. Wurmple: A83BF115 130C3917

266. Silcoon: 2244D1D6 A87DAAB7

267. Beautifly: 6DBB6131 90E40C0A

268. Cascoon: AD5C9BC6 8E3E4C3B

269. Dustox: 7CC9941A A70E2C37

270. Lotad: D4BE7AA5 F9CE65B8

271. Lombre: 9459FC5B 5516BE48

272. Ludicolo: 809DED68 B67856D4

273. Seedot: DCE40F64 D45D202E

274. Nuzleaf: BF87B744 16F7C28C

275. Shiftry: 3C703413 6B8119CC

276. Taillow: BBB05E5B 3A3FDC85

277. Swellow: D0B107DB 027BEBD8

278. Wingull: C963D063 10F5AC28

279. Pelipper: 73285D38 A5A4E2BD

280. Ralts: 86C62F1D 27B0AF88

281. Kirlia: 1A2EEF24 65E331B7

282. Gardevoir: 7D45FD6B BAABF3CF

283. Surskit: 00C9CFD8 65021DD5

284. Masquerain: A14CF5B9 0D7133A1

285. Shroomish: 3F140B0A 5937E9BE

286. Breloom: A32B0FED 60C07CFA

287. Slakoth: 485C366A DA423D56

288. Vigoroth: FEA287AE FFB54BB5

289. Slaking: 5D38F9C5 DAA67938

290. Nincada: 43A8378B 9EF75A96

291. Ninjask: 22DDE250 8D8EC616

292. Shedinja: 52C2D901 7344A4FA

293. Whismur: FBC2DB33 D8FC5AC6

294. Loudred: FE9AF7C9 14FDA298

295. Exploud: 14182A0A 79282B1B

296. Makuhita: 7B801817 11F090AA

297. Hariyama: 4D371C9E 0A2DF533

298. Azurill: 26ADB7EE 91286E09

299. Nosepass: 1442906D 473E0C26

300. Skitty: B4015263 3D8633C6

301. Delcatty: 3088742E D89961FA

302. Sableye: 8D571791 584F1676

303. Mawile: 5F3C63E3 B673BE5E

304. Aron: EEC41DEB 3342969F

305. Lairon: 79BE0284 FA8BF8A0

306. Aggron: 8388E07F 48E67820

307. Meditite: 0E4C4AA5 E7F532D7

308. Medicham: 063E4A1A E5A25573

309. Electrike: 3F5C8201 651A6EFD

310. Manectric: 9AA97665 37DD44B1

311. Plusle: B135B018 4F5665D6

312. Minun: DB37A521 AA84D2C4

313. Volbeat: B86B39BB 97DC88B5

314. Illumise: F75A3D1C 04A663CF

315. Roselia: 23E5A94B D21E7E80

316. Gulpin: A86C4608 9C15E158

317. Swalot: CA12CA9A 91D29CAF

318. Carvanha: A9CF954D E9766F71

319. Sharpedo: E684507C B44D6D05

320. Wailmer: 769A7373 7F6C71B8

321. Wailord: 47B99235 3CAC8E1F

322. Numel: AA1264F4 8D3DB4BE

323. Camerupt: 5166F096 A0F21E46

324. Torkoal: 42084D1D C19BB889

325. Spoink: BF9B34C2 D768D3A9

326. Grumpig: 7FD8F8C5 BEAD0097

327. Spinda: CDB2A8AF 7D43F8B7

328. Trapinch: B1088C6F 3E950D4C

329. Vibrava: 4DC25E25 13510F3C

330. Flygon: 911CF1D9 1617CFE7

331. Cacnea: E50B77C1 C220E7C0

332. Cacturne: 5BFC0B46 9DDC0643

333. Swablu: F8AC663C 65487239

334. Altaria: 77BF3639 95EBCE8C

335. Zangoose: F18DC227 1C86F9E4

336. Seviper: 80AFF5CB E67520AD

337. Lunatone: 3F5FE916 3075AF6E

338. Solrock: B277605C 646BAD0D

339. Barboach: B5BCD3CC DB08C2DA

340. Whiscash: 44DD8537 0FACB798

341. Corphish: EFA89FA3 A3E1A789

342. Crawdaunt: 85125B29 D2CE1B37

343. Baltoy: F20AE4A5 8B610FCA

344 Claydol: 5413C7F0 CE1DFBD5

345. Lileep: 461F0590 FCD7E05C

346. Cradily:15C4B0A5 E98A0379

347. Anorith: E98E6596 D6AFAB27

348. Armaldo: 6BCA1BD9 953420E2

349. Feebas: 6E805A17 D4A84889

350. Milotic: F78C3DA6 F97B5B3D

351. Castform: 06C43F9A 7BD8363C

352. Kecleon: 74154C68 0EF0C16F

353. Shuppet: 8341095A BEE333E8

354. Banette: EC92A4E9 B9482C67

355. Duskull: A2E933B5 2F11EC3E

356. Dusclops: C7A5752A B4204332

357. Tropius: 50C81E21 6119F922

358. Chimecho: 68427D4C A9059985

359. Absol: 84DDB13C BF8191AE

360. Wynaut: CB8303C4 2D5A9910

361. Snorunt: B0C7AEC3 524643FF

362. Glalie: 50020D7B 77627E33

363. Spheal: E52A33D8 9E4152F7

364. Sealeo: 1CAA4FF9 CFBC38AC

365. Walrein: AF5D5782 CEF3B5F2

366. Clamperl: AC4037BF 03D48B47

367. Huntail: 0C724AF3 BA81EAA3

368. Gorebyss: 59D84A8F 121CD813

369. Relicanth: A80E3734 B2245A9B

370. Luvdisc: F12028C4 0328D5DD

371. Bagon: D701EA4F 59B08C77

372. Shelgon: CECF6CF9 AFA8D274

373. Salamence: 2FCB50C0 DBECD9CB

374. Beldum: ACB05D5E 076626E0

375. Metang: BD2BFF8F FE6AA4DB

376. Metagross: CA6230A5 D89220E0

377. Regirock: A72D5514 4128DA3D

378 . Regice: 1A2209C5 C0228D4C

379. Registeel: 742ED98D 9B284DFA

380. Latias: 26A5F4EA 772A0B12

381. Latios: 72BAB975 7E4038A8

382. Kyogre: 16AFD4E7 E10BFB55

383. Groudon: 0002FF77 A52C0BAF

384. Rayquaza: C5ECDE5B 0D6B09C8

385. Jirachi: FFF032FD FAF9AFD2

386. Deoxys: 27C35F73 A8E9E879

Best Pokemon Fire Red cheats

Which Pokémon will you go first?

This is the end of the list of cheats Pokémon Fire Red, always remember to save before applying them, some may give an error and cause you to lose all progress.

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  1. so, Im using these on visual boy advance and when I put in the master (which says its not even for the game) and tm codes, the game crashes when I use a tm. Am I inputting something wrong or do these just not work for emulators?


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