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Welcoming you to the realm of Critical Legends, a legendary journey. Discover secret treasures, battle scary and exotic foes, take on tough bosses, and become a legend by exploring dangerous and forbidden areas. The open-world RPG game Critical Legends was developed by Radi Studios for Roblox. You can play as any class in Critical Legends and level it up while exploring the expansive, constantly updated environment.

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Trello Link & Wiki – Critical Legends:

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There are two places to find a Radi Studios game wiki: Trello and Fandom. Even still, fandom is considerably less comprehensive now than Trello. If you’re interested, we’ve also included the link in case there’s something in the fandom that piques your curiosity.

Introduction: Although they don’t add much, the first three parts (Disclaimer, Trello Exclusive, and Staff) are nevertheless worth reading. With sections like the XP guide, crafting recipes, trading value, and tier list, which is likely the most significant of the entire wiki, the first section that is highly intriguing is that of game information.

Following that, sections with the highest level of detail are added, such as in-game features, new content, and Map Locations, Sub-Locations, BM Locatins, NPC, Bosses, Mobs, Style Statues, Styles, Style Skins, Special Styles, Event Style Skins, Custom Styles, Medallions, Mobs Drops, Boss Drops, Environment Items, Shop Items, Style Items, Black Market Items, Passive Items.

Despite the fact that there are numerous categories, we advise that you start with the fourth—Game Information. From there, for instance, you can access the Tier List, where each Style is linked so that you can view how to obtain it and its capabilities. The data is comprehensive, up-to-date, and officially sanctioned. It was developed by partners but was directly evaluated by the Radi Studios team.

How to play in Critical Legend?

Engage foes by entering their encounter radius; encounter styles can alter the nature of your battles.

  • If you wish to trade or party with someone, click on them. Perhaps some of them are not online.
  • To deal damage, simply touch the orb that appears during the battle.
  • To find goods to equip, press “P” on your keyboard. To upgrade or reset your skill points, use “L” on your keyboard.
  • Pose in an arsenal and equip objects.

2x Reputation Weekend

2x Rep Weekend automatically begins on Friday at 0:00 and ends at 0:00 on Sunday (UTC) [Has no bearing on RP awarded by Quests] All item drop chances—aside from commons—are increased by 0.5% when you have 2x Rep. (Only affect Legendary Skin Keys from Craig The Monkey)

Trello Black Market

An NPC called Blackmarket, or just “BM,” offers various products from lore books to potent items from the list “Blackmarket Items.” Every 10 to 15 minutes, Blackmarket spawns, and it disappears after 5 minutes.

Trello Meteorite

It Despawns after 70 seconds and spawns every 10 minutes. Per player, one interact counts. More from the same person won’t be taken into account. on the summit of Cave 1. These items now drop from the Meteorite, ranging from epic (7.7%) to legendary (1.5%).

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