Roblox Shirt Template Transparent

A Roblox technique makes it possible for you to obtain a Transparent Shirt Template. This will enable your character to become invisible in the game, allowing you to move stealthily. When using several objects, it will also let you add an additional layer.

Roblox Shirt Template Size

Size of the Roblox Shirt Template is 585 x 559 (width & height). The largest dimension that can be used for the shirt is this.

How to Use the Transparent Roblox Shirt Template?

The procedures for adding files and creations to Roblox are as follows:

  1. Right-click any of the aforementioned pictures
  2. Save picture as: Save it in.png format, and keep track of the location of the folder you stored it in. It can be any folder, but keep track of it.
  3. Start Roblox: Log into your account at
  4. Click Manage my experience after selecting Create. click on Pants, Shirts, or T-Shirts.
  5. Upload the.png file by clicking Choose File (The transparent shirt Template)
  6. Click on Upload and give the file a name (you’ll need 10 Robux). The thing will appear as one of your inventions once Roblox has given it the green light, and you can use it on your avatar or sell it to other Roblox users.
  7. Verify that you only have transparent clothing and the necessary items. Repeat the procedure with the transparent pants if you want to become completely invisible.

We’ve included a video for you to watch so you can see how your new transparent shirt should appear in case you’re unsure of whether it worked as it should have. You are not entirely invisible. Of course, it is incredibly discrete and can even blend in with the surroundings. Therefore, you won’t be a ghost. But you’ll discover that you surprise more than one, making it harder for them to find you.



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