DBD Ranking Rewards

dbd ranking rewards

dbd ranking rewards

Dead by Daylight has emerged as a top pick for horror game enthusiasts all over the world, and its popularity is increasing. This thrilling multiplayer game challenges four survivors against a relentless killer, providing an intense and engaging gaming experience. In accordance with their performance, there are also some rank rewards. Later on, these rewards enable them to enhance their gameplay performances. If you want to learn more about DBD Ranking Rewards, keep reading. 

What is ‘Dead by Daylight’ and its Ranking Rewards?

Dead by Daylight is a horror video game with a multiplayer mode. Although it was initially released in 2016 for Microsoft Windows, it currently has a number of versions on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile phones. Four players take on the role of survivors in this game, while one player takes the role of a killer. The survivors usually work together to fix generators while avoiding the killer and escaping. On the other hand, the murderer attempts to kill the survivors and offers them as a sacrifice to an otherworldly entity.

The game includes a ranking system that represents the player’s skill level and determines matchmaking. Every month, the game resets the ranks, and participants must reclaim their position.

In terms of ranking prizes, Dead by Daylight gives players rewards called “Iridescent Shards.” The higher a player’s rank the more shards they will earn as a prize. You will discover the complete list of the DBD ranking rewards below.

Rank Rewards of ‘Dead by Daylight’

  • Iridescent I – 1,000,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent II – 900,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent III – 800,000 Bloodpoints
  • Iridescent IV – 700,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold I – 550,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold II – 500,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold III – 450,000 Bloodpoints
  • Gold IV – 400,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver I – 340,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver II – 310,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver III – 280,000 Bloodpoints
  • Silver IV – 250,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze I – 175,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze II – 150,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze III – 125,000 Bloodpoints
  • Bronze IV – 100,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash I – 50,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash II – 35,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash III – 20,000 Bloodpoints
  • Ash IV – 10,000 Bloodpoints

There is a great opportunity to earn double rewards points in Dead by Daylight. You may obtain up to 2,000,000 Bloodpoints if you play as both a killer and a survivor. In Addition, this number of points is sufficient to prestige two characters in the game.

How to increase your rank in Dead by Daylight?

The rank is decided by how many “pips” you earned throughout the current “season” or “month” of play. Depending on your match performance, the point of progress can be won, lost, or remain constant.

Learn the ranking system first: At first, you need to learn the ranking system of Dead by Daylight. The ranking system of Dead by Daylight consists of 20 ranks with specific requirements. Understanding the ranking system can help you to know where to give efforts.

Play Both Survivor and Killer: Playing as both a survivor and a killer might be beneficial in various aspects. It will assist you in understanding the strategies of both killers and survivors. If you play as a survivor, you may easily understand the killer’s strategies and vice versa.

Improve your skills: As a killer, your main goal is to eliminate the survivors. Learn to track survivors using scratch marks, blood trails, and other audio/visual cues. To rank up as a survivor, focus on completing objectives, such as repairing generators, unhooking teammates, and escaping through the exit gates. These skills will definitely help you to increase your rank.

Learn from mistakes:  Playing consistently and learning from mistakes can help you move up the ranks. The best thing you can do is analyse your gameplay to find areas where you can get better. In addition, watch tutorials and instructions from expert players to discover new strategies and techniques.

Focus on Bloodpoints: With a focus on Bloodpoints, you can level up and obtain new perks with this in-game currency. Therefore, concentrate on game performance and accomplishing objectives to get blood points.


DBD ranking rewards are a key component of Dead by Daylight as it enhances the gaming experience. To reach the highest level in this game, you have to play consistently and learn how to improve. It will be quite simple to rank top in this game with proper guidance and hard work. 

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