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A challenging fantasy game with permadeath, exploration, a complicated fighting system, and danger around every corner is called Deepwoken. It was created by Monad Studios.

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Trello, which resembles a wiki the most and has categories, sections, and a ton of information, is the best informational resource in practically all Roblox games. If you have any questions, you should be able to find the answer in Trello in the instance of Deepwoken. There is a wealth of knowledge regarding Controls, Guilds, Attributes, Crafting Systems, Talent, Boons & Flaws, Reputation, and other topics that should be understood in the first two sections (General info and Mechanics), which are intended for novices.

You will find a lot of information in great detail, much of which will be helpful to you if you have already played the game for a while, in the sections on Races, Magic, Flamecharm, Shadowcast, Thundercall, Galebreathe, Frostdraw, Weapons, Equippables, Non-Attunement Moves, Skills & Talents, Oaths, Areas, Plants, Items, Training Gear, Potions, Monsters, NPCs, Seasons A couple reads of the Trello material are highly advised as we may be discussing one of the most challenging Roblox games with the most intricate progression systems.


A player must go and speak with the Guild Clerk in order to join or quit a guild. Most notably the female Guild Clerk in Etris, these NPCs typically have their own structure in the town for them.

A player must be at least about power level 11 in order to create their own guild (and I think strength 10 I forget). Such a condition is not necessary to leave a guild. They can then extend invitations to additional players and even elevate some guild members to the position of officer.

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