DZSA Launcher Download & Install Guide – DayZ Walkthrough

DZSA is an unofficial, user-friendly launcher for DayZ Standalone that downloads modules automatically when you join any modded server and makes it simple to manage all of your mods.


You may get the DZSA Launcher here: – []

How to Install?

Step 1: Click the website’s bright red “Download” button.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file  (there will be a User Account Control pop-up, simply hit yes).

Step 3: Determine the folder where DZSA should be installed.

Step 4: Click next while leaving this alone.

Step 5: Choose whether you want a desktop shortcut (recommended you have one).

Step 6: The installer should finish in a matter of seconds. You succeeded!

How to Use Launcher?

The launcher itself is rather simple. It will ask you for your in-game name when you launch it for the first time (you can always modify this in the launcher’s settings).

When you’re finished, locate the selected modded server, join it, and the launcher will begin downloading the necessary modules. When everything is ready, you can begin playing on the modded server. Have fun playing!

I hope you find this DayZ How to Install/Download DZSA Launcher tutorial interesting. Please let us know via a comment if you think we should update the post or if something is incorrect, and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can! Thank you, and enjoy your day!

Command Line Options

  • ip: Indicate the IP address to use for the listening.
  • port: The game port for the DayZ server.
  • Server for DayZ: Indicate the executable for the DayZ server. (Use if the executable name for the DayZ server has changed)
  • Ignore the mod: Use the same name/path as in the -mod argument for any modules you want the mod server to ignore. -mod=@servermod1;@servermod2, for instance
  • Skip the server: Don’t start the DayZ server.
  • password: Authentication code to stop illicit downloads. (Password must match DayZ server)

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