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The team at Roblox uses Trello to manage the development of all their games. It is a popular game development platform for kids like Roblox, and it has become a very successful online gaming site.

What is Demonfall?

Demonfall is an interesting game. It combines two elements: fantasy and survival. The game has an amazing 3D environment, and it is based on a famous Anime, Demon Slayer. In Demonfall, you will find yourself in a mysterious world filled with monsters and demons. To save the world, you will have to survive and defeat these creatures.

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Let’s Understand Demonfall Trello

There is an in-game tutorial in the game that shows you how to play the game. After you finish the tutorial, you can start playing the game. The basic controls and features of this game are stated in the next section.

Trello Gourds Controls

To blow them:

  • Gourds are used to train your breathing
  • They can be bought at Corps Base from USSO for 500 Yen
  • Once you buy a gourd, you must equip it with a slot.
  • When you equip, click once and a UI will show up with a percentage bar.
  • Hold LMB for the bar to go up
  • When the bar is green, the ”EXP” bar for the gourd will go up
  • If it’s red, it will exit out of the gourd UI
  • Always keep the bar green
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Levels in Trello Gourd:

  • There are 10 Levels for the Gourd
  • • When the gourd’s EXP bar is full, it breaks.
  • Buy another gourd for 500 Yen and repeat (You cannot buy multiple gourds at once)
  • Each level increases your breathing bar (Faster Breathing, Slower Degeneration)
  • At level 10, your breathing bar charges faster and doesn’t degrade (Unless you use your Breathing Moves)
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Demonfall Trello Link

Here is the link where you can get this game:



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