East Brickton Commands & Controls

Managing a theater is similar to running a particularly good roleplaying server. You must understand how to control the stage and where each performer is meant to be and what they are doing. You’d be wise to understand this crucial knowledge if you want to make the most of your roleplaying experience in East Brickton on Roblox. The Roblox East Brickton commands and controls are listed here.

Phone Chat Commands

Use these chat controls as well as equip the phone (by pressing “1” or clicking the phone) to use phone commands:

  • /sms NameOfThePlayer: sends sms to NameOfThePlayer
  • /givecontact NameOfThePlayer: Gives a contact to NameOfThePlayer
  • /call NameOfThePlayer: Calls NameOfThePlayer
  • /call[911]: Emergency services
  • /contactlist: Shows contact list

Emote Chat Commands

They work in the same way as phone commands in chat, but you can use them without a phone.

  • /e gs3: 3rd Gang Sign
  • /e gs4: 4th Gang Sign
  • /e woo: Dance
  • /e surrender: On the floor
  • /e hands: Hands up
  • /e shoot: Jump on one foot
  • /e turnup: Get hype
  • /e hips: Hands on hips
  • /e crossarms: Cross your arms
  • /e sit: Sit on floor
  • /e moneybop: Low Dance
  • /e gs1: 1st Gang Sign
  • /e gs2: 2nd Gang Sign
  • /e hs1: Hand Shake (formal)
  • /e hs2: Hand Shake (casual)

Stay tuned because there will be a lot more emote commands in the future.

Controls – East Brickton Commands Controls

There are no special commands; instead, all Roblox games use the default controls. If you need help, though:

  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Zoom In and Out
  • /: opens Chat
  • 1, 2, 3…: Equip or Unequip Items
  • Backspace: Drop Item
  • WASD: Move up, left, down and right respectively
  • Shift: Hold Shift
  • Space: Jump
  • Left Mouse: Click to use Item
  • ` : Open or Close Backpack

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