Elden Ring Crimson Amber Medallion+2 Location

A talisman in Elden Ring that will increase your maximum HP is the Crimson Amber Medallion +2. Its most potent version is this +2 variation. Finding that ever-important piece of Elden Ring gear that will boost your stats or make it easier for you to take fall damage is essential. There may be equipment in The Lands Between that you didn’t find during your first playthrough. The Crimson Medallion +2 will increase your maximum health by +18. Once equipped, it will add 8% more HP to your total. I will assist you in locating the Crimson Medallion +2 in this tutorial.

Where is Crimson Amber Medallion +2?

The Crimson Medallion +2 is situated southeast of Leyndell, the Ash Site of Grace’s capital. After spawning at the Site of Grace, turn south and you’ll arrive at buildings that are submerged in the sand. There is a gap that resembles a sewage entry in the area between the two buildings. Down there, jump. Avoid jumping straight down, since you could die if you are not careful.

You can drop to a wooden ledge there. From there, jump over to the side of the well’s wall. Before descending to the wooden beam below, securely land at the next ledge. Given that the Crimson Medallion +2 is located on the wooden beam, you must be as precise as you can be. The purple object is on a body that is lying across the beam.

Why Can’t you find Crimson Amber Medallion +2?

It can be challenging to locate the Crimson Medallion +2, particularly if you go to the destination and it is not there. Many individuals visit this place prior to Maliketh’s being vanquished, which is a common error when trying to find this item of equipment. Before you go and get this talisman, the capital must first be demolished and designated the Capital of Ash.



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