Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map is a useful guide for you to get familiar with different spawn locations, loots, hidden stashes, and various other important spots. Keep reading to get familiar with all of them!

Importance of the Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov

The lighthouse located at Cape Dalniy is an integral point. It is the main point at which USEC units got entry during the Contract Wars. Moreover, it served as the base of operations. Once the conflicts were resolved, Scavs started using the place until the old owners of the place returned. The owners decided to start living in Tarkov and form their own order. Lighthouse is a central point that provides entry to all Rogues factions.

Main Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map

Following is the detailed Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map. You can see all of the important locations on it that you can easily use in your gameplay. 

Some of the most important points on this map are:

  • Green Weapon Box
  • Black Weapon Box
  • Weapon Case Box
  • Ammo Box
  • Loose Loot
  • Medical Supplies
  • Hidden Stash
  • Supply Box
  • Safe
  • Register & Money
  • Jacket
  • Sports Bag & Toolbox
  • Computer
  • File Cabinet
  • Dead Body
  • Key Spawn
  • PMC Spawn
  • Rogue Area
  • Mines
  • Snipers
  • Scav
  • Locked
  • PMC Extract
  • SCAV Extract

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map Stashes

You can also find different hidden stashes in Escape from Tarkov with the help of the following map:

Escape from Tarkov Lighthouse Map Stashes

The purpose of these different maps is to help you improve your gameplay of Escape from Tarkov and enjoy the game to the fullest.



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