GPO (Grand Piece Online) Controls

Grand Piece Online is the highly anticipated 2023 marine ROBLOX game by Grand Quest Games. Discover uninhabited islands, go on gold and strength-giving fruit hunts, face off against tough bosses, and build and destroy crews. Your route is your own; it’s also inspired by the well-known Shounen novel, One Piece.  It’s difficult to even get started using GPO. Even more difficult is not understanding the Grand Piece Online controls. Here is all the information you require regarding how to move, roll, run, and engage in combat with your character.

  GPO Map - Grand Piece Online

GPO Controls for PC

  • To run, press W twice.
  • To roll or use Soru or any other form of the dash, press Q in any direction.
  • To climb items or walls, hold down the left CTRL-key.
  • M to access the game’s menu.
  • F is the blocking key.
  • You refill your gun’s ammunition using R.
  • V should carry any players who are injured and unable to get back up.
  • B is to grab people when they are knocked down and kill them.
  • P to take a seat aboard a boat (This button is also used to debug some movement bugs)
  • When acquired, J activates Busoshoku Haki.
  • When obtained, G starts Observation Haki.
  Grand Piece Online Devil Fruits

The prize for finishing Ray’s level 80 quest on Kori Island is Busoshoku Haki. It may be found inside a little hut to the right of the Golden City in the Land of the Sky as a prize for finishing Rogson’s level 165 quest.

GPO Controls – for Xbox Controller

Xbox users cannot access Grand Piece Online (GPO).

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