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Grand Piece Online game is the most popular One-Piece game on the Roblox platform! It is
a massive, wide game with abundant fruit, hidden mysteries, and intense boss battles. Here
you will find the Trello link & wiki for Grand Piece Online and as a bonus you can find out
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Trello Link for Grand Piece Online

Fandom Link for Grand Piece Online

GPO Trello Link Wiki

In nearly all Roblox games, Trello is the superior wiki. However, in the instance of GPO, although Trello is excellent, Fandom is also excellent. Therefore, we include both URLs, so that there is no Grand Piece Online+-related question for which you cannot get a response.

All About GPO

The Updates and Game sections are quite introductory. You will learn about what’s new in each update, the controls, and a portion of the Frequently Asked Questions (Devil Fruits, Trading Hub, 2x Logia, Trading Island, Arena Mode, Dungeon Mode). But maybe most importantly, the Maps appear at the end of this section (First Sea Map & Second Sea Map)

And here begins the detailed guidelines, the true wiki, with all places, all task givers, Game passes, In-game shop, Races, Factions, NPCs, Fighting Styles, Ships, Bosses, Boss Drops, Event Drops, Karoo Race Drops, Dungeon Drops, Devil Fruit, Haki, Useful Items, and the Staff Team.

In GPO, the information found in the Fandom is similar (in other Fandom games it is usually much worse). Therefore, we have provided you with two links; look for the identical information in both and decide for yourself which you prefer.

Trello Main Features

Important features of Trello include:

Haki Armament

  • How to acquire:

Speak with Ray on Kori Island (level 80) to receive a quest for 25k Peli to kill 100 Yetis. (It is advised to cultivate with crewmates)

  • How to train:

You gain Haki experience by wearing it. You’ll know it’s maxed when the sword’s aura glows with Haki swirls.

  • Buffs:

Damage is increased by a percent and scales with your length (longer Haki time = greater percent increase) and can damage logias.

Haki Kenbunshobu

  • How to get:

Talk to Rogson in Skypiea

  • How to train:

Use up your dodges to train it, max dodge is 10

  • Buffs:

You can easily see players and NPCs and dodge attacks. Also, when you first get your Ken Haki, you will get a random Haki color (you can reroll the color)

Haki – Kenbunshobu V2

  • How to get:

Talk to Coro at Foro Island and complete the quest with a score of 300+

  • How to train:

Use up your dodges to train it, max dodge is 10 (13 with mochi)

  • Buffs:

You can easily see players and NPCs and dodge attacks. You can also see the item a player is holding and can get future sight if the user has a mochi.

It is preferable to do a little research for Trello than to obsess about the maps of Grand Piece Online.

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