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Mighty Omega on Roblox is a paid, open-world Anime game in which players master various fighting methods and skills to become powerful warriors. They may explore the expansive world to find new stores, training grounds, and more. After training, they will be prepared to compete in the Arena or in sparring matches. Each player will have their own combat styles and methods, such as Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, and rarer styles like Taekwondo, that they discovered and trained for throughout the world.

Trello Link for Mighty Omega


Mighty Omega Trello Wiki

If you are looking for the most complete wiki of the game, you should go to Trello. Just click on the link. By doing so you will access the largest source of information that exists on the Kengun Omega Roblox game. And best of all, it is official and updated information in the first section you will find basic information such as Combat and controls, Hunger and Calories, Muscle and Fat Loss, Height, Traits, Jobs and Income, Bus Stops, ATMs, Beds, Combat Logging and more. Even if you are not a novice, the Basic Summaries are highly recommended.

However, if you wish to dig a little deeper, please refer to the following sections:

  • Clans, Discord Link,
  • Training and Stats,
  • Styles,
  • Gyms for Styles,
  • Cosmetic Stances for Rhythms,
  • Locations and Shop,
  • Association Kengan,
  • Territories,
  • Transformations,
  • Ranked,
  • The Challenge of 100,
  • The Challenge of 200,
  • Techniques,
  • Recipes,
  • and Frequently Asked Questions.

The information is comprehensive, up-to-date, and official, having been compiled by collaborators but vetted directly by the Kengun Omega team.

About Trello

  • M1 is for Light attacks, whereas M2 is for Heavy ones. If you hold F and press M1, you can parry Guardbreaks to trap your opponents in place and score free attacks. If you press F+M2 instead of F+M1, you can hit them away from you as a counterattack.
  • Q means to dash, and a lower body combined with a faster running pace allows one to dash further. Blocking requires stamina, therefore be cautious while blocking many light attacks. Because if your stamina runs out, you will be knocked out. And lose the war regardless of the health disparity.
  • To power up Rhythm, press R. Additionally, you gain Rhythm by landing hits correctly. Rhythm provides bonuses to your damage and possibly other things. As increased Rhythm enables you to utilize more of your stats, your stamina consumption will rise.
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